2019 Inspiration Board

As we go into 2019 I want to share my 2019 inspiration board with y’all. This was originally going to be my vision board post but as I looked at what I was putting on the board I realized that these are more inspirational things. These aren’t even close to all of the things that I want to manifest and see happen for me in 2019 and beyond.

2019 Inspiration Board

The great thing about an inspiration board is that it’s not as concrete and “matter of fact” as a vision board. For me, my inspiration board is things that I want to happen in the now. When I do my vision board, which I will share with y’all too, I am putting all of the things on there…no limits. So let’s talk about what goes into making an inspiration board.

2019 Inspiration Board
2019 Inspiration Board

How To Make An Inspiration Board:

Define Your Aesthetic

Three words to define my board aesthetic: clean, colorful and motivating. Now, I did not mean for my board to end up colorful, it just kind of happened. The most important thing being motivating, which I feel is the point of an inspiration board. I wanted cool fonts and images but things that I look at and thing #goals!

Gather Your Images

Since I’m in the process of getting a new printer for my office, I did this the old fashioned way…magazines. Though I would have loved to print all of the motivating things from the internet, magazines and news clippings always work

Experiment With Layouts

As with any project, you don’t just start gluing things without setting some sort of “road map” of what it should look like. Without my board looking too uniformed I tried to spread out some things but kind of keep them near each other. That probably made no sense. Example: instead of all of my travel inspo being in the same area, I spread out the cruise ship to the other side of the board. Another example: the word “balance” is near the picture of food, the girl stretching, the dancer, the Louis Vuitton bags and the cruise ship. For me, I want to find balance with all of these things…get the idea?


DUH! The point of an inspiration board is to be inspired. Put anything you want on your board that inspires you. If sleep inspires you, put a picture of a bed. If wealth inspires you, get photos of money. Sometimes people like words more than pictures. Try putting some super motivating quotes on your board.

2019 Inspiration Board
2019 Inspiration Board

So what are your thoughts on inspiration/vision boards? Are you willing to give them a try?X

Thanks for reading!