Apple Cider Mimosa Recipe

Apple Cider Mimosa Recipe
Apple Cider Mimosa Recipe

Hey friends!  So we all know I love sharing fashion with y’all but I’ve been loving getting into new things.  So today I’m sharing an apple cider mimosa recipe.

Apple Cider Mimosa Recipe

A little back story….Sheldon (my husband) and I met years ago bartending.  I used to bartend back in college and still spotlight to this day.  It’s actually one of the jobs that I had in the past that I loved!  Fast forward.  Why not start sharing drink recipes with y’all?  We (Sheldon and I) can make some basic drinks and some pretty crafty ones.  With my blog, I love sharing these things with y’all!  Needless to say I’ll be sharing more recipes in 2019.  We can call the post segments “Davida’s Drinks” I dunno lol.

Ok let’s just get to the recipe.  I would say on there “difficulty scale”, this drink is probably a 1 aka not difficult at all.  You probably already have the necessary ingredients in your home already.


  • Champagne or Prosecco
  • Apple Cider

The Rim

  • Ground Cinnamon

The Garnish

  • Apple slices

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Apple Cider Mimosa Recipe
Apple Cider Mimosa Recipe
Apple Cider Mimosa Recipe


Step 1: PREP YOUR GARNISHES.  Sprinkle your cinnamon on a plate. On a separate plate, cut your apple into slices. Whatever you don’t use you can eat as a snack 🙂

Step 2: RIM YOUR GLASSES.  I didn’t show a photo of doing this but take the cinnamon that’s on the plate and dip your glass rim in it.  I wet the rim of my glass with water or use one of the apple wedges so that the cinnamon sticks better.  Since we are making mimosas, my glassware if choice is a champagne flute.  I got these ones for under $5!

Step 3: MAKE THE MIMOSA.  The amount of champagne is dependent upon how strong you want your drink.  Personally, I love champagne so I fill the glass up with champagne and add a dash of apple cider.  For more of the apple cider taste, which is delicious, do equal parts champagne and apple cider.

Step 4: ADD A GARNISH. So…garnishes are extra and totally not necessary but they are pretty #doitforthegram and often enhance the taste of a drink. I just cut my apple into thin slices and put on the glasses. Obviously eat the apple slice while drinking the mimosa….sooooo good!

Apple Cider Mimosa Recipe

If you give these a try I would love for you to share a photo with me on Instagram!  Be sure to save the graphic below to your Pinterest so you can always have the recipe on hand.

Apple Cider Mimosa Recipe

Thanks for reading!


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