Color Pop

Color Pop

Color Pop Vida Fashionista

similar coat // similar top // lace-up flats // Target purse // sunglasses // ‘Cherry Skies’ lips

Loving this color pop of neon green.  But before we talk about fashion, I have another Davida back story behind this outfit.  As I was shooting these photos in our park, someone called the cops on me because I was parked in a bike lane.  Like seriously, it was 8:30 in the morning and no one was even riding a bike.  Ugh it was annoying to move my car but at the end of the day I was actually in the wrong lol.  But were the cops necessary though?

Vida Fashionista Color Pop

I’ll be honest, I’m keeping todays post short and sweet since I’m exhausted from this weekend.  I spent yesterday with my family and then I had to bartend at night and got home super late.  So with that being said, have a great Monday!

Color Pop Vida Fashionista Color Pop Vida Fashionista

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