Fall Philly Influencer Mixer Recap

Fall Philly Influencer Mixer Recap

Happy Friday everyone!!! It has been such a busy season over here but a blessing nonetheless. Last Thursday was the 2nd bi-annual mixer for the Philly Influencer Mixer. Today I’m sharing my Fall Philly Influencer Mixer recap. If you would like more details of the night, head over to the Philly Influencer Mixer website for more information. Also if you are new here and you have no idea what the Philly Influencer Mixer is, please read this. Hope that clarifies things!

Fall Philly Influencer Mixer Recap
Fall Philly Influencer Mixer Recap

Stratus Lounge located inside of Hotel Monaco

The Fall Mixer was held on the rooftop of the beautiful Hotel Monaco.  The hotel is in the heart of Old City Philadelphia.  The only thing that would have made the night 100% perfect would be the weather holding out for us but it still did not rain on our parade.  We made a slight adjustment to the location by using one of the two large rooms for the evening.  The theme of the night had hints from the movie “Mean Girls” since the event took place on October 3rd which is “National Mean Girls Day.”  Upon walking in, everyone was greeted with the welcome sign which was a Mean Girls inspired “Burn Book.”

Fall Philly Influencer Mixer Recap
Fall Philly Influencer Mixer Recap

Upon entering the room, we had the most amazing selfie wall display created by Slay Displays with the final touch of a balloon arch from Maple Street Modern Designs.  Both first time sponsors of the Philly Influencer Mixer.  Photo booth by Gifadelphia and the most beautiful blooms bar by Craft Haus Events.  Stratus and Hotel Monaco also did a fantastic job keeping everyone’s bellies full with the delicious food that was provided.

Fall Philly Influencer Mixer Recap

Keeping the cocktails and drinks flowing for the night we had the help of some awesome drink sponsors.  Single Prop Rum was our liquor sponsor for the night.  Many people enjoyed Single Prop Rum and Fever Tree Ginger Ale cocktails.  Fever Tree supplied us with an assortment of flavored mixers.  The Aromatic Tonic Water mixed with the Single Prop Rum made for a pink drink which I affectionately called “The Glen Coco.”  Our beer sponsor was Narragansett and they brought us two flavors: a lager and the shandy.   If you were going for those “chill vibes” CBDelight was at your service with their CBD infused sparkling drinks.  The flavors of the night were lemonade and ginger beer.

Fall Philly Influencer Mixer Recap
Fall Philly Influencer Mixer Recap


After a brief introduction of the night, attendees were told of the workshop being taught later on.  This was the first time that we added a workshop into the mix of the night.  The one takeaway was that everyone really enjoyed it so we will have to have more!  I taught a workshop on Blog Photography.  More specifically, “How to take your own photos.”  For our next mixer, I will ask you all what you would like to learn about so we can have a great topic for the next workshop.  Since we were at full capacity in the room and didn’t want to break up the festivities, Stratus allowed us to go over to the other room which is on the other side of the rooftop for the workshop.

Fall Philly Influencer Mixer Recap

Since I am known for taking most of my own photos using my tripod, the workshop was very educational and informative.  After the workshop was finished we opened the floor for questions.  Many of the questions were about photography and it turned into everyone being able to chime in and help if I didn’t know the answer.  Afterwards we went back over to the party to join in on all the fun.

Fall Philly Influencer Mixer Recap
Fall Philly Influencer Mixer Recap
Fall Philly Influencer Mixer Recap

Once back in the room it was time to do some giveaways!  The first of the night was our Mean Girls trivia.  Alisa (pictured below) was the winner.  She walked away with gifts from Ubran Decay, Ouai and Living Proof!  We also did a few raffle ticket giveaways, one which was a gift for the guys donated by Ethos GSFM and that was a complimentary service at their men’s grooming salon.

Fall Philly Influencer Mixer Recap

The night ended with more giveaway and our speakers of the night, Alex and Mike.  They talked about their blogging journey, aspirations for their blog (Can we get these guys a skincare line!?) and they gave some great blogging tips.

Fall Philly Influencer Mixer Recap

If you came to the event you probably left with some swag.  Huge thanks to Jason Matthew Salon for the complimentary blow out coupons and T Tribe for 20% off at the store.  

I can’t thank you all enough for joining in all the fun last Thursday.  To have a community of creatives where you feel encouraged and inspired is really life transforming.  If you would like to stay up-to-date with the events feel free to always check the events tab as it’s always updated.  If you would like to take it one step further and become a member, that is encouraged as well.  Check our membership guidelines and get ready to join a network where you will feel uplifted.  Until our next Mixer thank you all for coming!

Workshop Leaders and Speakers

Thank You to Our Sponsors

  • Hotel Monaco and Stratus Lounge
  • Slay Displays
  • Maple Street Modern Designs
  • Gifadelphia
  • Crafthaus Events
  • Single Prop Rum
  • Narragansett Beer
  • Fever Tree Mixers
  • CBDelight

Giveaway and Gift Bag Sponsors

  • South Moon Under Philly
  • T Tribe
  • Jason Matthew Salon
  • Ethos GSFM

Click here for more photos

All photos by Joe Mac Creative (please tag @joemaccreative if sharing)

Video coming soon by Christian Lamar Photography

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