Knock Out

Knock Out

Knock Out Knock Out

Sweaty Betty tank // Adidas sports bra // Gaiam capri leggings // Skechers sneakers

Feeling like a total knock out in today’s post.  But seriously I don’t actually look like this after a serious work out…all for the shot y’all lol 😉 .  I’m am over the moon excited to be getting back to normal!!!  First off, this is my first fitness post and I really enjoyed it!  I promise though, looking good in these poses wasn’t the easiest thing in the world.  I never was crazy about working out before I got injured.  Dancing always did the trick for me and if I wanted to do some extra cardio or tone up, I’d hit up the gym.  Well since then, my physical therapist thinks it’s best for me to get in the gym to nurse my foot and ankle back to health.

Knock Out
Vida Fashionista

One thing I noticed since not dancing and being active, I’ve lost some muscle definition in my arms and shoulders.  I literally used to look like baby Serena Williams because I’ve played tennis my entire life and I tumble.  Bring on the push ups!  Not the girlie ones but the real deal McCoy.

Knock OutVida FashionistaVida Fashionista

I also haven’t been taking the time to stretch and even though these photos may look “effortless” boy was it a struggle.  I’ve gotta gain back my flexibility to the level of comfort I once had before.

Vida FashionistaVida Fashionista

On another note, the sneakers I’m wearing feel like I’m walking on fluffy clouds!  They are lightweight and have memory foam inside which is perfect for my recently injured foot if I’m not wearing my in-soles.

Vida Fashionista

Last thing, physical therapy has made me a master of squats!  I swore I was doing them correctly before but I was totally wrong.  And let me tell you, there’s lots of “trainers”out there teaching them wrong but that’s another story.

Knock Out

Thanks to Rakuten Affiliate Network and Sweaty Betty for this awesome workout tank. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time!  Let me know if y’all want some workout tips or wanna see more fitness posts!

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


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