Video: March Favorites

March Favorites

Yes this is my March favorites video being uploaded in April (feel free to judge ūüôā ). ¬†Better late than never! ¬†Here’s a round up of the top 5 things I’m loving for the month of March, one which actually is happening this month!

1. SheaMoisture Deep Treatment Masque and SheaMoisture Strengthen, Grow and Restore Leave-In Conditioner. ¬†I think I’m finally coming into my own when it comes to trying hair products and figuring out which ones work for me. ¬†I’ve been using these two products using the LOC method and have noticed a huge difference in my hair texture.

2. LOC Method. ¬†Stands for Leave-In, Oil, and Cream. ¬†This is a method of haircare for natural hair to increase moisture retention, therefore increasing healthy and strength and eventually length for hair. ¬†If you would like to see a video on how I apply this method to my hair let me know. ¬†The name “LOC” ¬†is also the order in which you apply the products to your hair.

3. Lace-up flats – here and here. ¬†You’ve seen me in post after post this past month wearing lace-up flats. ¬†The lace-up trend is here to stay for Spring so be sure to get your hands on a pair.

4. IMATS! ¬†So this is one of my favorite times of year. ¬†The IMATS are the International Make-up Artists Trade Show and they are held every year in New York. ¬†It’s a weekend long event but I go on the Friday that is open only to procard holders because you get to beat the lines ūüôā . ¬†I’m thinking of doing a video log and makeup haul which I think y’all would enjoy. ¬†I’m flying solo so you will have to bear with me with the video lol.

5. It’s Spring!!! ¬†Pretty self explanatory. ¬†The weather is slowly trying to get warmer, daylight is longer and it just puts me in a better mood. ¬†Notice how I strategically placed pastel color clothing behind me for the video.

Thanks for watching and reading!

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