Miami Packing List

Miami Packing List

Miami Packing list!!!  I’m finally getting around to sharing all of the details from my recent Miami trip!  The first time I went was nothing short of amazing.  This time around was for my college roommates bachelorette party so it was a great time.  I’m sharing a lot of the things I brought with me.  That being said, this packing list is to prepare you if you ever take a trip to Miami, which I highly recommend!


Miami Packing List

Miami Packing List

Bathing suits & cover ups:  Y’all, the first time I went to Miami I had the nerve not to pack ANY cover ups.  All I had was denim shorts.  Not a good idea lol.  Not only are cover-ups cute but in case you go to a pool party or beach bar, they are totally acceptable to wear instead of just a bathing suit (with jean shorts)

Here are some bathing suits that I have and some I’m crushing on:

Here are some cover-ups I have and that I like as well:

Sunglasses:  The sun in Miami in the summer time (and I think year round) is super bright.  Bring some shades with you and avoid squinting.  (No crows feet here).  Here are some of my favorites:

Hats:  I am the crazy hat lady!  Not only are they a great accessory but they protect your face from the sun.

Statement jewelry:  The best way to finish off your outfits whether you are lounging by the pool or heading to dinner.  Here are some of my favorites and some that I recently bought:

Loose fitting dresses & rompers:  All my east coast people understand this….humidity!  Yes we all hate it and even worse is having clothes on that are too tight.  Save that freakum dress for the nightclub and opt for some of these loose fitting options.

Beach bag:  For bloggers I feel like these have become “purses”.  But a cute beach bag is great for holding all your necessities for a beach day.

Beach Towels:  I’m still working on this but ALWAYS have your own beach towels.  The hotel towels are never long enough and they weren’t made for the beach

Proper footwear:  Yes I’m going on a girls trip but don’t think I’ll be walking around in heels all day. I’ll be living in flats all day and save the heels (probably wedges) for the night time

Cosmetic case/Jewelry organizer:  For obvious reasons.  I always have one of these and keep it in my carryon.  I don’t have a jewelry organizer yet but I’ve got my eye on one.

Hair care products:  SO essential.  I’m a natural hair girl so Miami humidity and swimming make my hair do crazy things lol.  Praying for no humidity but below are some of my go-to hair products as a natural curly girl.  BTW, the diffuser is my new best friend.  I use this one.

Shorts:  For those slightly cooler days on your trip (bless it) opt for shorts and a cute top!

Cute clutches:  Just because they are fun!

There are some other things to be mentioned such as a camera, sunscreen, portable charge (MUST HAVE)…I hope this post was helpful.  Be on the lookout for a full recap of my trip and other fun posts relating to it this week!  Leave a comment below if I missed anything or just say hi 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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