• Packing For Honeymoon

    Packing For Honeymoon

    Packing For Honeymoon

    BHDLN Robe // Leaf dress // White swimsuit // BHLDN sandals // Black swimsuit // Passport Holders // White kimono

    Packing for honeymoon!  Happy “Wedding Wednesday” people!  We have 59 days til the big day and to say I’m not stressed would be a lie.  With the help of my WeddingWire App, I am able to stay on track with my to do list.  As the day gets closer however, it feels like I have more and more things to do.  That’s why I am shifting the attention to the next best event…our honeymoon!

    As much as I love being engaged and some aspects of planning, I honestly just can’t wait to get it over with.  Planning, depending on people, RSVPs, financial deadlines, everyone having opinions is exhausting!!!  I honestly can’t wait to unwind with my new hubby on our honeymoon.  Whenever things get stressful during planning, I focus on our honeymoon and how great it will be.  Here are a couple things that I am ordering or have ordered that I think are perfect for our vacation.  Bonus points if you can guess where we are going from the pictures.

    1. White bathing suit/bikini: If y’all could see the amount of white bathing suits and bikinis I have you would soooo judge me.  Come on, a girl’s gotta have options, amiright!?  Seriously though, between the bachelorette party and honeymoon I do have quite a few.  It makes things so much more fun and it’s kinda cute to see a bride in white, especially on their honeymoon!
    2. Passport holders:  Not necessary but again super cute!  Also for $13.99, how could you really resist!?
    3. Bride beach bag/hat: In case people didn’t already realize that you are the bride lol.  I can’t like these items but I found this exact beach tote at Primark!

    I hope you all have a fantastic day!  We are actually going to do our menu tasting today!  I’m so excited because the menu options were so great.  So hard to choose from!  I’m also doing a dress fitting today! Be on the look out for more frequent wedding posts coming.  Any topics that you would like to be touched on, leave a comment below.

    Thanks for reading!


    *Thanks to WeddingWire for sponsoring today’s post.  All opinions are my own.*

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