Philly Fashion Week ‘18 Outfits

Philly Fashion Week 18 Outfits

Philly Fashion Week 18 Outfits

Jacket // Boots

What a long/quick and busy week!!!  I am going to do a quick recap of my Philly Fashion Week 18 outfits and events.  So on top of attending fashion week shows there were a ton of events for me to.  The first event happened on Tuesday for the Four Season Hotel Philadelphia.  The attire was cocktail and y’all know I love an excuse to get dressed up!

Philly Fashion Week 18 Outfits


Wednesday was my actual first Philly Fashion Week show.  The Philadelphia Fashion Incubator which supports and promotes emerging fashion designers and the fashion community in Philly.  Amazing show!  My personal favorite were the kids, they definitely stole the show.

Philly Fashion Week 18 Outfits

Jumpsuit // Shirt // Sunglasses

On Thursday, the NABFEME Welcome Reception and kickoff was held at Haute Lounge.  I brought my mom as my date.

Philly Fashion Week 18 Outfits

Blazer // Cami // // Shoes // Belt // Earrings // Necklace

Philly Fashion Week 18 OutfitsPhilly Fashion Week 18 Outfits

Pants // Sunglasses

Friday I attended my first seminar at the NAMFEME Conference.  Of course it was all things technology and social media.  Later on in the day was a runway show featuring Century 21 and previous designers of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator.  Immediately following was another runway show.  I never wear athleisure but I gave it a try since my outfit is from a local boutique called Kin Boutique.

Philly Fashion Week 18 Outfits

Sunglasses // Sneakers

I actually didn’t make it to any shows on Saturday because at this point I was totally exhausted.

Philly Fashion Week 18 Outfits

Jacket // Cami // Pants // Sunglasses

My last two outfits were from yesterday which were brunch at Harp and Crown and the final Philly Fashion Week show.

Philly Fashion Week 18 Outfits


Philly Fashion Week 18 Outfits

Similar dress // Similar dress // Boots // Sunglasses

As always the shows were great and Philly Fashion Week gets better and better each year.  Did I mention bigger!?

Thanks for reading!

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