Plitzs Kids Fashion Democracy

As promised, I said I would do a post for y’all about the awesome weekend I had.  Now, I went a little picture crazy and took like 400 pictures so naturally it was hard to choose which ones to use for a post.  I decided that I’m going to split the show into two posts.  So today’s post is “part 1” which is the Plitzs Kids Fashion Democracy: Fashioneesta’s Rule!

Plitzs Kids

Plitzs Kids The little girl to the left was actually the kids 4-8 winner!


 Now I apologize that I don’t have more photos of the 9-15 year old group but as I said, I was working and running around.   You will see many of the pictures for tomorrow’s post which will be from backstage and of the adults.

Plitzs Kids Plitzs Kids

 The kids compete in 2 age categories 4-9 and 9-15.  Along with that, they had three looks to wear: a casual look (which was any variation of blue jeans and a white top), swimwear, and all white evening wear.  There was a winner selected from each age group and the contestants were awarded $12,240 in prizes. 


Plitzs Kids

The staff wore all black

Vest: SheInside // Romper: T.J. Maxx // Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (similar here) // Necklace: Rocksbox // Watch: c/o Follie Follie

If you would like to see more photos from the event, visit my Facebook page and click on the Plitzs album or send me an email at   Learn more information about the Kids Fashion Democracy Show here.

More Photos

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Until tomorrow, thanks for reading!

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