• Spotify Christmas Playlist

    Spotify Christmas Playlist

    Spotify Christmas Playlist

    What can I say…Christmas is my favorite time of year.  One of the key parts to Christmas is music, so today I bring you my Spotify Christmas Playlist!  Can I just say that I didn’t realize that Sheldon (my husband) bought the premium plan?  Basically I get to download and listen to as much music as I want…without commercials #goals.  Up until like 3 months ago I was using the interrupted free version lol.

    Anyway, Christmas is so much better with some good tunes.  Growing up, my mom always listened to Christmas music while wrapping gifts.  Also, I used to help my grandmom make pies listening to the Jackson 5 Christmas.  Very nostalgic for me.  Oh and by the way, this isn’t your “typical” radio Christmas music.  Many of it is soulful Christmas music that I grew up listening to.  Most recently I added a few trap Christmas songs on the playlist and they are hilarious.  Enjoy!

    If you have any good holiday tunes I would love to hear them!

    Spotify Christmas Playlist

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