Super Casual

Getting super casual today.  Wasn’t sure if I wanted to post this outfit but ya know, not everyday is a runway worthy day.  Sometimes I like to kick back in a ripped pair of jeans, t-shirt and sneakers (not often but it happens).

Super Casual Vida Fashionista

The one thing I love about this outfit is my t-shirt.  Shout out to my lovely boyfriend for bringing this home to me from one of his nights of work.  I wish I could link it for y’all but it was from a vendor that came to his job.  Anyway, the shirt says, “Work like you have a million fans even if you only have one.”  This shirt spoke to me so much because blogging is probably one of the hardest but rewarding things that I have ever done!  Posting multiple times per week month after month and not knowing if people are truly enjoying your blog is tough.  And even though I’m not one to care what other people think, I have to when it comes to blogging!  Y’all are my people, who I talk to whether 1 person is listening (hey mom) or thousands.

Super Casual Super Casual

A bloggers work is never done and depending on what your goals are that you have set for yourself, you will continue to work, work, work.  The toughest time is to continue to work when you get frustrated and don’t feel like it or want to give up.  I think that’s with anything, but it seems like when you work through something and push when you don’t feel like it that’s when a breakthrough happens.

Super Casual Vida Fashionista

Rewash jeans // Converse sneakers // Michael Kors watch // sunglasses

And hey, usually out of those tons of fans you may have, it’s those one or two that truly count the most.  Hoping to keep y’all (and myself) encouraged today.  Happy Thursday!

Thanks for reading!