Valentines Day Flounce Valentines Day Flounce

Let the Valentines Day flounce commence!  From my drop waist hem-line to my bell sleeves, this outfit gives me all the feels.  The weather has been so weird lately that I’m unsure how to dress.  I haven’t been this confused since having to pick a major freshman year of college!  These pictures were taken on a day that the weather was good to me.  Next thing I know it’s snowing lol.

Valentines Day FlounceValentines Day FlounceValentines Day Flounce

I know all of my Valentine’s Day looks for the blog have been cliche red and pink.  How can you not love it in these sneakers!?  They are super cute and scream Valentine’s Day!  Dressing up sneakers is fun, so when I laid eyes on these I said they would be perfect for V-day.

Valentines Day FlounceValentines Day FlounceValentines Day Flounce

Last thing, I attended an event yesterday for New York Fashion Week.  I was supposed to go on Saturday but life got in the way.  I just wasn’t in the mood.  Anyway, Courtney of the blog “Color Me Courtney” brought up such a great point on Instagram.  She noticed that bloggers have this “unrealistic expectation” set on them.  I get it, we did it to ourselves but HONEY…..I wish you knew how many pictures it takes to get one good Instagram shot.

Valentines Day FlounceValentines Day Flounce

J.Jill Superga sneakers (c/o) // earrings // David Yurman bracelet (c/o) // similar purse // lips ‘Ruby Woo’

If an outfit is lucky enough to make it into a post, the 5-10 pictures chosen will be picked out of hundreds!  To jump on her bloopers/imperfections bandwagon, take a look at the lipstick on my teeth in the second pic 🙂 .  I didn’t want to post it at first but hey…sometimes you love the shot, lipstick and all!

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