5 Motivating Tips: How I Stay Motivated to Work Out

5 Motivating Tips: How I Stay Motivated to Work Out

5 Motivating Tips5 Motivating Tips

Happy “fitness Friday” babes! I’m here to share my 5 motivating tips for working out. Not everyday is a walk in the park when it comes to working out. Like who willingly wants to torture themselves in the gym. No one does but in the end it feels so good to know you completed it. It also helps if you go somewhere that has a wide range of facilities like Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club. This makes the whole workout experience feel so much more sociable. So where does my motivation come from?

5 Motivating Tips5 Motivating Tips5 Motivating Tips

1. A big life event

Speaking for me personally, y’all all know by now that I’m getting married in June. This has inspired me to kick up my fitness so much. Just starting out getting into my fitness routine again makes me excited to train hard. More than just the life event itself but as you start to get back into a regular fitness routine, you will naturally want to work out.

2. Cute clothes

I’m 90% sure there is a saying of “look good, feel good.” I just bought some new activewear from Old Navy that I am so excited to wear. Before, I would just work out in a pair of leggings and a t-shirt. Even though there is nothing wrong with that, I get more excited for my workout when I love what I am wearing. I love everything that Old Navy is doing with their activewear line and the set I’m wearing is one of my favorites.

5 Motivating Tips5 Motivating Tips

3. Music

I love music so much and since working out, I realize how much. As a dancer, we always listened to and embraced all types of music. I am still like that to this day. When I am working out, it’s my time to fall in love all over again with my playlist. Whether I am updating my songs (many are out of touch with the times) or discovering new ones, music is a huge part in working out. There is nothing like pushing through a workout, maybe even struggling and then your favorite song comes on. It just gives you that extra drive to finish strong.

4. Overall Health

Aside from any vain or material reason, working out is so good for your health. You get one body and you should treat it with respect and love it. Part of this is keeping your body moving. Once I start I can’t stop and it just becomes part of my every day routine. We all know the positive effects of working out.

5 Motivating Tips5 Motivating Tips5 Motivating Tips

Old Navy tank // Old Navy sports bra // Old Navy leggings

5. Results

Look good, feel good. Isn’t this the point!? Working out is one thing but starting to see results is a whole other ballgame! The first couple weeks can be and will be brutal but there is so much good on the other side. My favorite part of working out is seeing the results, knowing that your hard work is working. Just like in your everyday job, there is nothing like seeing your end results.

So what motivates you to work out? Are you on the New Years fitness train? Make 2018 your year to be fit and a better you.

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