• Elements Of An Outfit

    Elements Of An Outfit

    Elements of an outfit

    Putting outfits together can be just as easy as doing a simple math equation.  You could say there are certain elements of an outfit.  A full-proof equation that will always produce the results you want.  Let’s see if we can break it down and then break it down again.  This topic and post was quite challenging for me to write and explain as putting outfits together comes naturally for me.  I realize copying outfits from Pinterest or finding inspiration photos for what to wear do not help those that do not understand the following equation.

    Elements of an outfit

    The equation is simple:

    1 Basic/Base piece + 1 Interest piece + 1 Connecting piece + accessories = “said look”

    Let’s break this equation down a little further.

    A basic/base piece

    This is the piece that you are basing your outfit around.  For example, a pair of jeans, a skirt, a dress, a top such as a t-shirt or blouse.  From there you will move on to your interest piece.

    An interest piece

    Something that has an interesting pattern, texture, pop of color or print.  Textures ex. sequins or embroidery, patterns ex. plaid or stripes. and a pop of color like adding a bright color to a darker or neutral outfit.

    A connecting piece

    This is an optional piece that can really pull a look together…connecting the look such as a blazer, cardigan, or denim jacket.


    We all know what accessories are.  Things like belts, handbags, shoes, socks, etc.

    There are many variables and things that can change the equation of putting an outfit together.  My YouTube video below will hopefully help explain everything further.  I kind of talk about them in the video by accident so I hope I do not confuse you.  I hope you enjoy it and I hope it helps.

    Thanks for reading!

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