Fall 2019 Boot Trends

Fall 2019 Boot Trends

I read an article at Who What Wear talking about Fall 2019 boot trends. Before “fact checking” myself, I wrote down 7 boot trends that I had been seeing and turns out I was right on point! This makes me happy because I feel like I’ve really been paying attention plus I happen to own most or all of these different styles.


Fall 2019 Boot Trends

I have been wearing these boots non stop and honestly I’m so surprised. Seeing them at first I was super hesitant but then I kept thinking about how chic they look. They are super comfortable and I strive for comfort nowadays when it comes to my shoes. The heel isn’t too high and I’ve done 8 hour standing days in them and survived. They are also extremely soft and flexible. I can’t stand a boot that goes up to your ankle or above that is stiff!

Croc Embossed

You will see the croc embossed more on the next shoe than these but how gorgeous are they? I picked these shoes first for the color…they are bone. Bone will last me throughout the fall and winter.

Knee High

Fall 2019 Boot Trends

Now these boots are knee high along with being croc embossed. I’ll rave about these just like I am about to rave about the next (because they are the same boot just different colors). They are so comfortable and the color on them is beautiful. So perfect for fall and we always need a knee high boot for Fall.


You’ve definitely seen me wearing these boots lately unless you’ve been living under a rock. They have been on repeat ever since I got them. It’s funny because snakeskin, especially in a knee high boot, can seem overwhelming but it’s totally not. When worn correctly they sort of disappear. Oh and yes, these are the same exact boots as the burgundy croc embossed ones above.


Fall 2019 Boot Trends

It’s been raining non stop here lately so I have not been able to wear these babies outside yet. I’ve worn them around the house and I love them. At first, I was like “absolutely not.” Like I said, I’m all about comfort these days and looking at these boots terrified me. Don’t judge a book by its cover because they are SOOOOO comfortable! The platform really gives them the illusion of being higher than they really are but trust, it’s not that bad. Now, if only the weather would cooperate so I could get my outfit together in them.

Combat/Extra Chunky

The one thing I did this season with my boots was totally step outside my comfort zone. Typically I don’t like or do a chunky combat style boot. I’ve been seeing this type of boot around for a while now and when I saw them on the JustFab website I couldn’t resist. I honestly love them! They are super comfy, enough to dance in lol. I also love that you can wear a casual outfit with them and sort of feel dressed up if that makes sense.

Sock/Ankle Bootie

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No you’re not seeing double. These booties check off two trends in one…croc embossed and sock/ankle boot. Honestly I love all booties for Fall. For me being petite, I think the sock/ankle bootie makes my legs look longer. It’s all an illusion but it’s true. So tell me, which boot trend are you loving? What do you have in your closet or plan on buying?

BTW, I’ll leave you with this….I’m putting up my Christmas tree up today. Yes you read the correctly!

Thanks for reading!

*All boots in this post are c/o JustFab. All opinions are my own.*


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