First Facial w/ Clarins

First Facial w/ Clarins

Let’s talk about my first facial at Clarins.  Long story short, I loved it and I’m hooked!  I really don’t know why it’s taken this long to dabble.  Either way, I’m so glad I got the chance to experience it.  Let’s set the scene.

First Facial First FacialFirst Facial

I made my way to the Clarins store in the King of Prussia Mall.  Fun fact, the King of Prussia store is the first standalone store in the U.S.!   As you all know, my favorite color is red and the store’s decor didn’t not disappoint.  I had all of the decor inspo going on.  When entering the store, I was greeted and then taken to an area for an assessment of my skin.  Also, I was offered water and snacks.  While I don’t have too many issues (thank God and mom and dad) we focused on hydrating the skin.  I mean can your skin really ever be too hydrated?

First Facial First Facial First Facial First Facial

After deciding our plan of attack, which was the hydrating facial, it was on to the spa.  To remember the names of the items used on me I took a photo.  My aesthetician Jason chose the Hydra-quench cream mask, Hydra Essential cream and the Double Serum (which I also took home).  Now on to the fun part, our 30-minute session.

First FacialFirst FacialFirst Facial

The above photo is my “before” picture.  For some reason I did not take an “after” picture but I did not look much different.  My skin however felt amazing!  There are a couple of techniques to use when applying the product to your face.  One thing I noticed was that when Jason applied the product, it was from the center of my face to the outside.  Apparently we have glands or something behind our ears which you press the toxins from the center of your face to the outside of your face and it moves down your body and filters through the kidneys.  Sounds so crazy right!  Also, please don’t 100% quote me on that because I am remembering as much as I can lol.

First FacialFirst FacialFirst Facial

So after feeling like a new woman, the session was over 🙁 .  Jason did tell me that we should get facials done every 3 weeks.  I’m like “sign me up” because the experience is amazing.  Why I never got a facial before but have had massages is beyond me.  A huge thank you to Clarins for having me.

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