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Another successful year at the IMATS 2015 New York!!!!  This is honestly one of my favorite events of the year because who honestly doesn’t need more makeup….and at a discount!  I took a couple of pictures of when I was walking around the show and then the last 4 photos are part of my “IMATS haul.”  I’ll tell you what I got.

First things first, as a dancer eyelashes are one of the most essential items for performances so getting a deal from Ardell lashes is always a highlight!  Normally I wear Ardell 105 for performances and they are about $6 a pack but at the show I get them 8 for $20 plus an adhesive!!!!  Next I stopped over to a new favorite of mine “City Color Cosmetics” to get some lipsticks, lip liners, contouring palate and blush palate…all for $26.  The next palate is a new favorite of mine recommended by a friend but this is the NYX highlight and contour pro palate and I love it when I want to add a little drama to my face. Bought for $13.  Not pictured but I also bought some skin moisturizer for $43 and the last picture is a make up bag (I’ll use for brushes) and brush belt for $27.  So once again this was a successful trip, hopefully I’ll be doing some make up soon and possibly tutorials.

Can’t wait for next years show!