Killer Accessories Killer Accessories

The key to a great outfit can usually come from some killer accessories.  Whether it be a statement bag, shoes, sunglasses or scarf they will always enhance a look.

Killer Accessories Killer Accessories Killer Accessories

If you have been following along for the last couple of weeks then you’ve seen me wear these sunglasses non stop.  Call me crazy but they just do something to me…for me.  I just feel extra fabulous when I put them on you can’t tell me otherwise.  Yes, they are a bit much bold but I love them.  Sometimes at the end of the day you have to wear things you love.

Killer Accessories Killer Accessories

These shoes…be still my beating heart.  When I saw them I immediately put them into my cart without hesitation.  They literally might be the best Valentino dupes I’ve ever seen.  Besides my wedding shoes, I just don’t spend that much money on shoes.  To get quality shoes that don’t hurt your feet is amazing and that’s just what these ones do.  Yes the studs may not be everyone’s cup of tea but YOLO.

Killer Accessories

scarf // shoes

By the way, this outfit is actually my Easter outfit from this year!  Did you all have a great weekend?  Philly had a ton of events so I stayed away from the city.  I did binge watch “13 Reasons Why” and all I can say is “wow”.

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