Millennial Millennial

Oh hey friends, yes you read it right, I am a millennial and PROUD!  When I first heard the term “millennial” I literally thought it referred to people born in the new millennium.  So in my mind anyone born from 2000 on.  Apparently that is not the case and there have been huge debates about who is considered a millennial and all the “negative connotations” that come with it.  Let’s talk about it for a second.


What and who is considered a millennial?

To sum up all of the critics and “myths” millennials, unlike what you have been told, are actually people born in Generation Y and Generation Z.  Generation Y people are children of baby boomers aka my parents.  The average year for Generation Yers is 1980-1991.  Generation Z people are born 1991-2000.  Somehow someway lumping all of us born between 1980 (some say 1983) to 2000 as “millenials”.

Millennial Millennial Millennial

But did you know?

Many other generation complain that millennials are entitled, lazy cry babies and suck ups who are sheltered and supervised….harsh right!?  What they don’t know or understand is that we are overeducated, UNDER-EMPLOYED and heavily in debt.  So yes, God forbid that we want higher starting salaries to put a dent into our $200,000 plus student loans (*inserts eye roll).  Millennials also think outside the box.  We are known to not “settle” for the social norms of what the idea job or career is supposed to be.  We are tech savvy, want flexible schedules (cuz life…ya know) and most of us believe that office attendance is unnecessary on a daily basis (because it is).

Other fun facts about millennials:

  • 64% would rather work at a job we love making less money than at a boring one that pays more
  • 48% of employed college grads work in jobs that don’t require a 4-year degree
  • Millennials are known to stay at a place of employment longer than their parents (Baby Boomers) did at their age.  Sounds pretty loyal right!?

Millennial Millennial Millennial

I’ll end this post with this, be proud of who you are.  Whether it’s a millennial or not.  I wore this shirt and so many people said “why would you admit to being a millennial?”  Cuz I’m damn proud.  Oh and speaking of proud, Black Panther was everything and Philly Fashion Week is this week.  Yes that was random so I will let you go.

Thanks for reading!

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