Pink Gingham OTS Top

Pink Gingham OTS Top

Pink Gingham OTS TopPink Gingham OTS Top

Sharing this pink gingham OTS top.  If you follow me, OTS stands for off-the-shoulder.  It’s a super hot trend right now that I am loving.  So as much as I can, you will see me wearing them.  I wear them so much that my dad said to me “You always wear those shirts that show your shoulders”.  Haha, he’s so right.  I don’t know how much longer the trend will be around but I’m  trying to get back to “normal” necklines.  Keyword is “trying”.

Pink Gingham OTS Top Pink Gingham OTS Top Pink Gingham OTS Top

I have so much fun stuff coming up and events going on in Philly to catch y’all up with!  First thing, some time this week or next week I’ll do a post on Center City District Sips!  I can proudly announce that I’ve been chosen as a style ambassador for it.  More details to come in a later post.  Next thing, Preakness at the Piazza is this Saturday!  I get to relive my Kentucky Derby fashion and attend the event.  My mom will be my guest as usual.  Last thing, Roots Picnic Philly!  As I finalize details and that gets closer I will fill you in as well.

Pink Gingham OTS Top Pink Gingham OTS Top

H&M top // Rebecca Minkoff purse

Like I said, I’m super excited for all that is coming up!  By the way, I hope you all enjoyed your Mother’s Day.  If you saw on my snapchat, I did the breast cancer walk with my family.  I also think we made it on the news, it’s always a good time.

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