Pinrose Wild Child

Pinrose Wild Child

Vida Fashionista

Ladies, we all love to see that black and white bag.  Today I’m introducing to most of you Pinrose Wild Child.

Pinrose Wild Child Pinrose Wild Child

Coming in at only $55 for the large bottle, this perfume is small but packs a big scent.  I was slightly apprehensive because I thought it was going to be a floral scent but to my surprise it wasn’t.  I’m not a huge fan of floral as it can be too strong for me and bother my allergies.  I also don’t want a scent that is super sweet.  I like something in the middle.  I love Wild Child because it’s the perfect happy medium.  It’s sweet but has a hint of floral in it.  And never judge a scent by just its smell.  You must put it on and let it mix with your natural body scent to fully appreciate the aromas.

Pinrose Wild Child Vida Fashionista

Many of you may know that as you get older your sense of smell changes and that goes for your perfume as well.  When you are younger like early teens to early twenties, you like to stick to sweeter scents.  As you get into the “more seasoned” ages, you tend to like more floral scents.  Ever wonder why you never like your grandmom’s perfume?

Vida Fashionista Pinrose Wild Child

If you are in the market for a new perfume, head to Sephora and give Wild Child a try.  If you do and love it, please let me know.

Vida Fashionista

Pinrose Wild Child

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*Today’s post is in collaboration with Pinrose, all opinions are my own*

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