Quality Over Quantity
Ohhh, quality over quantity.  This can have so many meanings.  Let’s speak to all situations and hopefully you can identify with one.

Quality Over Quantity Quality Over Quantity


I know I’m touching close to home for someone.  Let me share some words of wisdom, the older you get the less friends you will have.  You feel more “established” and comfortable in your own skin.  Then guess what, that “acquaintance” of a friend, you realize you can do without them.  It’s not about the number of friends you have but the character of the ones you associate yourself with.  You will start to realize that your life long friends are your mirrors.  They see all of your flaws, see through your crap, accept you for who you are and help you grow.  That was really deep…

Quality Over Quantity


For my blogger babes, do you ever feel lost or confused because someone who just started blogging yesterday has more followers than you?  You start to doubt yourself and your work simply because the numbers aren’t “showing.”  Pump the brakes sister.  Been there, done that…still doing that.  All of the big bloggers always say “just keep putting out great content and the numbers will follow”  As cliche as that may sound, it’s soooooo true.  For example, I felt really down because I felt like my content was great yet my numbers weren’t growing.  All of a sudden I check my inbox and get an amazing email.  First thing I wonder to myself is “why me?”  Not that I feel like I’m not good enough but there are other people with more “followers” than me.  So why me?  It’s quality over quantity.

I need to take my own advice with what I’m about to say.  Just because your social media numbers don’t reflect with what other people’s are doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough.  Just because you don’t get accepted to RewardStyle on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th attempt doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough.  Yes, we are plagued by numbers in the blogging world but at the end of the day it’s quality that counts the most.  So for your next campaign, create high quality kick ass content that will leave a brand coming back for more.

Quality Over Quantity


You know that saying “money can’t buy happiness”?  Believe it or not, it’s true.  Yes, I would love to have enough money to go on a vacation 7 times a year or to have an array of luxury and designer items.  Guess what, that won’t truly make me happy.  Stuff doesn’t make us happy.  Money doesn’t make you happy.   How many miserable rich people do you know?  How many unhappy over worked people do you know?  They sacrifice quality, moments in life, for quantity, money or a number.

Quality Over Quantity Quality Over Quantity
Denim jacket (c/o) // T.J. Maxx shirt // T.J. Maxx jeans // shoes // mywalit backpack (c/o) (similar) // sunglasses

In other news, today is a day I have been secretly dreading for quite some time.  I’m a world of emotions over here.  It’s my last Sixers game…ever.  I’ll be sharing more about everything on the blog tomorrow so be sure to come back.

Thanks for reading!