Savannah Georgia

Savannah Georgia

Savannah Georgia Savannah Georgia

Bringing you another look from my Hilton Head trip.  We went to Savannah Georgia one night to my cousin’s house for dinner.  One of the great things about Hilton Head is that it’s only about an hour or less from Savannah.  The weather around this time of year down there is still pretty hot.  Typically when packing for a warm weather trip, I try to stay away from clothes that stick to me.  I was saving these pants specifically for this trip because they have a tropical feel to them.  Not to mention that they are great for hot temps.  Oh and they come in petite sizes, yay!

Savannah Georgia Savannah Georgia Savannah Georgia

The other thing about the hot temps and humidity, I couldn’t do much with my hair.  If you notice, I wore a scarf in my hair almost everyday.  The one in this picture is one of my favorite ways to tie my hair up.  Only thing is that I still have to be cautious of humidity and my hair turning into a fro.  I love this satin scarf that I have on.

Savannah Georgia Savannah Georgia

H&M top // J.Jill pants (c/o) // sandals // bag // hair scarf

Even though summer is over, it seems to not be going down without a fight.  Just enjoy the warm weather for now because we all know what the alternative is.  How’s the weather where you live?

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