Sips Style Tips Week 4: Birthday Prep

Sips Style Tips Week 4

As we enter our Sips style tips week 4, this is a special one for me.  Tomorrow is my birthday!  What better way to prep for your birthday than by taking care of your skin.  Some of my favorite skin care items include an under eye rejuvenator, collagen booster and moisturizer.  I gave these Kiehl’s products a try and absolutely loved them!  First let’s start off with the creamy eye treatment.

Sips Style Tips Week 4Sips Style Tips Week 4

This was the first time using an eye cream which avocado in it.  The way I apply is by dabbing or patting small amounts of the cream under my eyes.  I like eye creams because they are usually good for tightening the skin under the eye and keeping the skin bright.  No one wants dark circles.

Sips Style Tips Week 4Sips Style Tips Week 4

Now onto the most important part.  A facial moisturizer.  In my opinion, a good moisturizer is your fountain of youth.  Think about it, dry skin usually leads to wrinkles quicker than moisturized skin.  This “Daily Reviving Concentrate” is great because it’s oil based.  I love anything oil based over cream but still love the creams as well.  I just put a small amount in my hand, not much is needed, and rub into my face in circular motions.

Sips Style Tips Week 4

Be sure to check back to the blog tomorrow for a special birthday post.  I am sharing 29 fun facts about myself that you didn’t know.

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