The first thing when shopping around for wedding dresses is looking for dresses for your body type.  You may think you want that ball gown skirt….until you put it on.  Not only should the dress be beautiful but the best dresses match the brides body type.  Curvy, petite, tall and lanky, boyish figure?  Read below for my best descriptions of each style dress and which one works best for you.


BHLDN WeddingBHLDN WeddingDavids Bridal

What is it – You’ve seen the “Little Mermaid” right?  Typically these dresses are slim, tapered with a curve hugging skirt that follows the line of your hips and thighs to your knee.

Who looks best in these types of dresses? – Brides with hourglass figures who aren’t afraid to show off their curves.  This dress also looks great on petite women.

Avoid if – If you don’t want a tighter dress since this style can be very “Morticia Adams” and constricting.


BHLDN Wedding

BHLDN Wedding

BHLDN WeddingDavids BridalDavids BridalDavids Bridal

What is it? – The cut of the dress is narrow and as it’s name suggests looks like an “A”.

Who looks best in these types of dresses? -EVERYONE!!!  Not even joking, a-line dresses are one of the most popular skirt silhouettes out there!  If you choose this dress style I know you will look great in it.

Avoid if – You want something tighter or want to feel sexier.

Ball Gown

BHLDN WeddingBHLDN Wedding

What is it? – Best described as a dress with a full (huge) skirt and a fitted bodice.

Who looks best in these types of dresses? -If you have a more boyish figure.  The volume of the skirt gives you a shape.

Avoid if -Petite.  I’m only 5’3″ (on a good day).  The dress is beautiful but all I am is dress.  This can be a little overwhelming for petites, but don’t let that stop you.  If you are petite and this is the one for you, go for it girl!

For any and all other questions, a huge help for me is WeddingWire.  Definitely give their website and app a try.  It helps throughout all of your planning.  I’m hoping this post helps you a little bit in your search for your dress.  No matter what style you choose or if you don’t use my tips I know you will be beautiful on your special day.

Thanks for reading!