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Wedding Planning

Happy “wedding Wednesday” everyone! I’m here to talk about wedding planning with WeddingWire! I have been using the resources on WeddingWire and the wedding app since we got engaged. To hopefully better explain this post, I made a video at the end of the post to explain further.

Wedding PlanningWedding PlanningIf you are newly engaged I highly suggest that you download the WeddingWire wedding app. It’s truly been a lifesaver throughout my entire planning process. I will walk you through everything that the app does and how to use it.

After downloading the app you will sign up to join WeddingWire. Next, you will input your wedding date. Then you will see a countdown of days until your wedding and the checklist. This checklist is the first thing you will see each time you open the app.

This list is amazing and has everything you can think of in regards to planning your big day. Each task on the checklist is sectioned off by the approximate month and day you should complete it. There is no better feeling than checking off your tasks as you complete them because you know that you are getting closer to your day!

As you navigate your way through the app, you’ll see more resources such as ideas and inspiration, you can input your budget, number and names of guests for each occasion from the bridal shower to the rehearsal dinner. One of my favorite resources as of late is the “forums” tab. I love this because you can have real life conversations with a number of brides (and grooms too). It’s very comforting to know that you’re not the only person experiencing some of the things that go along with planning.

Wedding PlanningWedding PlanningI’ll end this post on my favorite part about WeddingWire which is the ability to build a wedding website…for free! Use this to keep your guests up-to-date with everything and more! I used our wedding website to explain we met, share ceremony and reception details plus other miscellaneous information. This app has truly been a lifesaver. Learn more information about WeddingWire on their website here and I wish you all happy planning!
Those of you going through the process of planning a wedding right now might be at the point of selecting some entertainment for the occasion. If you go to Headliner, you can select from a whole host of musical performers, including motown bands!

Thanks for reading!

*Thank you yo WeddingWire for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions are my own*

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