Whole30 Week 2: Why I almost Quit

Whole30 Week 2

Here are the result for Whole30 Week 2.  I’m not gonna lie, this was the hardest week.

Sunday March 4, Day 8

What I ate: For breakfast I had a banana and almond butter (my go to these days). For dinner I stepped outside of the box. I made fried pork chops (with almond flour) asparagus and baked potatoes.

Monday March 5, Day 9

What I ate: For breakfast I had scrambled eggs with mushrooms, onions, peppers, and spinach

How I’m feeling: Blah.

Tuesday March 6, Day 10

Whole30 Week 2Whole30 Week 2

What I ate: I started my breakfast off with bananas and almond butter. For a snack, I made the most delicious “avocado sandwiches”. Since we aren’t allowed to have bread, the sandwich part is 2 pieces of bacon and the middle is the avocado. Y’all it may not look like much but it’s soooo good and super filling. For dinner I went to Sheldon’s job and ate steak fajitas minus the fajitas and cheese. Just steak and vegetables. Not the same at all lol but at least I wasn’t hungry anymore.

How I’m feeling: I almost quit. Yup I said it. I was heading to happy hour and it was the first happy hour outing I had to endure not drinking. Last week I stayed in so it was no bother for me.

Wednesday March 7, Day 11

Whole30 Week 2

What I ate: We had a snowstorm so I was only able to make myself baked eggs & avocado boat.  I had to be in a hotel for the rest of the day so I smacked on nuts and fruit.  Hangry is not even the word for how I’m feeling today!

How I’m feeling: It’s the strangest thing.  Technically I am not really craving much these days I just miss the idea of them being their.  I don’t miss drinking as much as I miss the social aspect of it.  Blowing off some steam or catching up for happy hour, I miss that part of drinking.  Knowing that I can eat whatever I want, I miss that.  I do love not feeling bloated at all though!

Thursday March 8, Day 12

Whole30 Week 2

What I ate: I made my typical eggs and bacon for breakfast. Honestly I’m getting tired of that lol. I don’t think I have been mentioning lunches much because I literally snack on fruit or cashews all day long. For dinner I made salmon and a baked potato.

How I’m feeling: Honestly, this is the second day this week that I talked about quitting. I actually gave myself a date this time…this Sunday. Sunday will mark 15 days. I figure “at least I made it halfway.” As I say that out loud I feel like I’m giving up…on myself, on this challenge, on you guys. I’m not 100% sure I actually want to quit but I know I have a box of Captain Crunch cereal waiting for me if I choose too lol.

Friday March 9, Day 13

Whole30 Week 2Whole30 Week 2Whole30 Week 2

What I ate: For breakfast I had a bowl of cantaloupe. I have been getting tired of eating the same things lately so I decided to switch it up a bit. For lunch I made baked chicken wings in the oven and seasoned them with garlic, onion powder, season salt, pepper and olive oil. For Sheldon I added some sesame seeds and no garlic. I also took a stab at making sweet potato fries for the first time and they were delicious! For dinner I made bean-less chili. Soooooo good!

How I’m feeling: Honestly much better than yesterday. I am starting to miss things less these days and feel like I WILL be able to finish Whole30 out!!!

Saturday March 10, Day 14

Whole30 Week 2Whole30 Week 2Whole30 Week 2

What I ate: I totally wanted to switch things up for breakfast today.  They say “a pancake is a pancake” and you shouldn’t try to recreate things like cookies or pancakes but you know what, I needed a change lol.  I needed something to take my mind off the fact that I haven’t had sugar in 14 days.  So today I made Whole30 approved almond flour pancakes with a side of bacon. It definitely tasted so different than a regular pancake.  I used bananas and unsweetened applesauce to give the pancake a little natural sweetness and texture.  Sooooo good!  Honestly it tasted like banana bread.  I’m going to make them again tomorrow but add unsweetened almond milk for a smoother taste.

For dinner my parents and nephews came over. My parents are doing the “Daniel Fast” for church right now until Easter.  Between the Daniel Fast and us doing Whole30, choosing what to make for dinner felt impossible.  The safest thing to make was fish and vegetables. I did what I do best, salmon.  For vegetables we had sweet potato fries again and spinach.

How I feel: 1000% times better than Thursday. I put up a Facebook status about wanting to quit Whole30 and consulted some friends and everyone told me no. I thank y’all for that. Yes, giving up would be easy and satisfying for my body but I haven’t come this far to give up. I only have 16 days left! That may sound like a short amount of time for y’all but not for me. I am choosing to take this day-by-day but I totally feel inspired to keep going now.

I’m gonna be super honest with y’all…Whole30 is hard and not for the faint of heart. You can be the healthiest person in the world and still find this journey a struggle. I almost quit several times this week and I’m hoping that I just needed to get over the “hump”. I made excuse after excuse whyI should quit. I am so happy I have Sheldon and other friends doing this with me because this program isn’t easy. It’s a daily struggle and I’m realizing and learning how much our lives actually revolve around food.

As I (we) end week 2, Sheldon and I are feeling like we should eat like his a little more often. Maybe incorporate it into our everyday lives for a couple of days of the week (of course I’ll be able to drink this time ;)). Like I said earlier, I am grateful for each and every one of you for pushing me to continue. I started this journey and I am going to finish it out.

That’s all for today. If any of you have questions or would like recipes, please let me know in the comments. Have a fantastic weekend!

Thanks for reading!

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