2017 Holiday Beauty Favs

2017 Holiday Beauty Favs

2017 Holiday Beauty Favs

2017 Holiday Beauty Favs 2017 Holiday Beauty Favs

Switching up today’s content a bit to share my 2017 holiday beauty favs!  Some of these items are recent buys that I am loving and others are OG favorites.  Here are the things that I use on a daily basis to create my everyday makeup look.


I was once told the importance of moisturizers.  As I get a little older, I realize how much of a difference they make.  Here are my favorites on repeat:

Clarins Double Serum – total game changer.  On a trip to the Clarins store, I was given this serum and have been using it everyday since.  Since I wash my face twice a day, I love to use the serum in the morning to get my skin nice and hydrated.  It is more oil based than my Tula Day & Night Cream so it’s a nice way to “wake my skin up”.  Oh and don’t forget about applying to your neck.

Tula Revitalizing Eye Cream – Both this and the hydrating cream are the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time).  If you have never heard of Tula products before let me introduce you.  All of the products use probiotics, the same bacteria known to calm and balance your stomach.  The same goes for your skin.  Tula products help to improve your skins natural balance while leaving your complexion more hydrated.  I use the eye cream twice a day when I wash my face.  Especially on those days when I lack sleep, I feel like the eye cream gives me a facelift lol.

Tula Hydrating Day & Night Cream – Before I got the Clarins Double Serum, this was my only face moisturizer.  Now I alternate this with the double serum daily.  Usually I use it at night since it does not leave your skin feeling greasy.

Everything Else

It Cosmetics “Superhero” Mascara – I just got this and can’t wait to try it.  I’m thinking about doing a YouTube video with my “first impressions” which is why I have not tried it yet.  Let me know if you would like to see that.  Anyway, I hear such great things about this mascara that I finally got my own.  Mascara is now one of my favorite makeup products after not using it for years.

MAC “Ruby Woo” Lipstick – G.O.A.T. This is my “go-to” lip color no matter what time of year.  All 7 years of dancing for the Sixers and this is the red lip that I would always wear.  It works for me because it has blue undertones making it a bold red that demands attention.  Not to mention that it is the perfect holiday red if you are looking for one.  I use the matte version of the lipstick.  To make it not so flat, I dab my lips with Vaseline first and then apply the lipstick.

MAC Studio Fix “Nc50” (in the winter) and “Nc55” (in the summer) – Yes, you probably should have a “summer color” and a “winter color” for foundation.  I think I started using the studio fix in college.  My cousins swore by MAC so naturally that was all I knew.  If you like a more “matte” finish to your foundation, I highly recommend.  Keep reading to see what other foundation I have been loving.

Vaseline – G.O.A.T. Y’all Vaseline goes back literally to when I was born.  I always keep a tiny travel size bottle with me at all times.  Over the years, I think using chapstick over and over again can dry your lips out.  Vaseline never lets me down, especially in the winter.  Not only do I use it to moisturize my lips, I also use it to remove my makeup.  If I have eyeliner or mascara that is being stubborn, I rub this on, let it sit for a minute and the makeup comes right off.

MAC “Antique Velvet” Lipstick – This is my Fall/Winter must have lipstick.  Not everyday is a red lip day and not everyone is bold enough to wear red.  I love a little “vamp” in my life and “antique velvet” is perfect.  It has some burgundy/red undertones in it so it’s not too dark.  Yes, you can pile on the layers for a darker look but I just love this.

It Cosmetics CC Cream in color “Deep” – My newfound love!  I started using this about 2 weeks ago and I can’t tell you how many compliments I get!  As I said before, I always used the MAC Studio Fix.  After hearing great things about this CC Cream, I tried it myself.  Y’all, it’s amazing.  It actually is all you need in a foundation because it’s an “all-in-one”.  It’s a moisturizing day cream, pore-perfecting primer, brightening cream, color corrector, has SPF 50 sunscreen, and is a full-coverage foundation!  I like it over the MAC Studio Fix because it gives my skin a nice hydrated look but giving that coverage that the studio fix does too.  After applying my CC Cream, I do go over my face a little with the studio fix to “set” my look.  I will note that “deep” is the darkest shade.

Ardell “105” Lashes – G.O.A.T. Me and these lashes go back to like 2000.  They were always my performance lashes so naturally they are the only ones I use.  I like them because even though they are long, the hair has a nice natural look to them.

NYX Contour Palette – I love this palette!  Until the day I actually buy concealer, I cheat a bit and use one of the highlighters as an under eye concealer.  Not all of the time but a lot of the time.  I still am not the best at a highlight and don’t find it necessary to do all of the time.  The one thing that I love most about this palette is the variety of shades of the darker contour in the palette.

It Cosmetics Brow Power in “Universal Taupe” – Just got this a so excited to try it!  Having great eyebrows really shapes your face.  Not to knock anyone that gets micro-blading done but I refuse to spend that kind of money.  I would rather work with what I have to use this.  This is also another item that I am thinking of reviewing in a YouTube video.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  Around the holiday time I like to switch my content up to be more than just fashion so please bare with me.  There is also going to be a hair post in the making so look out for that soon.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram as today is going to be a fun day.  You will get to see the more interesting side of blogging…I wish everyday was like today.

Thanks for reading!