2020 Gift Guide For Him

2020 Gift Guide For Him

First things first, I want to wish my hubs, Sheldon, a very happy birthday!!! Finally sharing my 2020 Gift Guide For Him which honestly I’ve been kinda putting off for like 2 weeks now lol. In my defense, I’ve been slowly adding to it over the past two week. I also was getting lots of input from Sheldon this year because who better to ask about guys gifts than a guy. Another thing, to be honest my work energy has been kinda low lately. I can dedicate to make 1 video/TikTok per day (for the most part) but then I’ve been kinda drained.

Enough about me. This gift guide is pretty self explanatory. Some of the items I already have for Sheldon, most he actually picked out for the guide and others were just good recommendations.

2020 Gift Guide For Him
Pajama shirt // Pajama pants // Yeti mug // Plaid sweater // Green sweater // Boots // Wonderboom speaker // Reversible belt // Leather travel kit // Beard Bib // Massage Gun // Decanter set // Levis Jeans

I won’t go to much in depth for each product but there are a few items I wanted to point out.

These pajamas (shirt, pants) I love and got them for our family holiday photos this year. We just take a photo in front of our tree every year for Christmas. This one will be especially special because it’s our last as just the two of us (and Stevie our cat).

Interestingly enough, Sheldon actually picked these out for himself and I don’t hate it. I was just surprised but these boots are awesome. Great for cold weather and I think all year round.

Y’all we use this DAILY and can I just say that this speaker was originally mine. Sheldon has just claimed it as his own *face palm*. But this speaker is honestly the best. It’s bluetooth and it’s waterproof which is so clutch. Fun fact, we took this speaker on our honeymoon and played it at the pool for all of the guests because the resort sound system wasn’t cutting it lol. Plus, we got to sit it in the water so that was cool.

If your man has a favorite bourbon/whiskey, this is the gift for him. It seems like a cool decanter set is like a “right of passage” into manhood lol. I picked this set up for Sheldon for last Christmas and he loves it.

Haha and the unexpected gift. First off let me say that I asked Sheldon if I got this for him would he use it. He said he would but who knows. Anyway, it kills me when he shaves and his hairs get everywhere. So technically I think this might be more of a gift for me than him ;-).

I hope this gift guide helps you get a jump start on shopping for the man in your life. If you need anymore inspiration don’t hesitate to reach out. Lots of these items are available on Amazon Prime so you should get in 2 days. Otherwise, the sooner you order the better. Have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading!