2021 Holiday Gifts For New Moms

2021 Holiday Gifts For New Moms

Sharing my 2021 Holiday Gifts For New Moms gift guide here on the blog. If you are subscribed to my newsletter then you have already seen this gift guide. I also have been sharing them on Instagram and in the ShopLTK app. This a gift guide that speaks to me personally being a new mom. Some of these items I have and some I wish to have. I think as a new mom you just want to feel like yourself as much as possible. We also neglect ourselves in the self care department so I think this gift guide is perfect.

2021 Holiday Gifts For New Moms

Robe – The first couple of weeks home I lived in my robe. More specifically my plush robe. This one comes in 2 other colors as well.

Tula Face Cleanser – The best part, use my code DAVIDA for 15% off your purchase!

Thera Gun – Y’all this thing is a game changer. Whether you get this brand or something similar you won’t be disappointed. We have this one at home. I actually just got a massage at the Four Seasons yesterday and they used a gun like this on me.

Sleep Mask – As a new mom I don’t know how much sleep you’ll be getting but for those moments the you do get some rest a sleep mask is in order. There is nothing like sleeping in complete darkness. I feel like it helps you sleep better too.

Personalized Bracelets – Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you know my love for Bauble Bar. They have some great pieces and my favorite are the ones that you can personalize. I have this bracelet and it has Cora’s name on it. It’s just such a nice personal touch to get a new mom’s child’s name on something for them.

Leopard Slippers – I don’t have these but they are so cute. I have something kind of similar but they are not printed they are solid. You can never go wrong with a pair of plush slippers.

Ugg Slippers – I’m wearing these at this very moment. I got them last year for Christmas after wanting them for many years.

Peter Thomas Roth Eye Masks – For all of the lack of sleep she will be getting, these eye masks can help.

Tatcha Beauty Oil – Again, all about self care with this gift guide. Beauty oil is the perfect trick to adding some moisture back into your skin.

Tula Hydrating Day and Night Cream – I swear by these and use it as my everyday moisturizer. Again you can use my code DAVIDA for 15 % off your purchase!

“Mommy Burnout” Book – This book came as a gift to me and I felt so seen reading it. Not to give anything away but as a new mom if you ever get any down time to read this book is great.

“Mama” Necklace – I got this “Mama” necklace as a gift and it is my most favorite thing ever. It’s from Bauble Bar and you can change up the font to how you want it to look.

Leopard Shorts Pajamas – I think I speak for all but new moms pretty much live in pajamas of some sort. Why not get her a cute pair?

Socks – Some people aren’t into slippers so socks are the way to go. These are definitely on my list.

Personalized Necklaces – Another Bauble Bar purchase. Like I said earlier, a personalized gift with your child’s name on it is so special. Maybe you even want your own name on the necklace.

Pants Pajamas – I lived in these pajamas. Between the milk stains and spit up, dark pajamas for the win.

For more gift guides check this page. In other news, Cora is 8 MONTHS OLD today!!!!

Thanks for reading!