2023 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

2023 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

2023 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. Dear Sheldon, save this post for later ;-). Can you believe that Mother’s Day is a month away from today!? Make sure you are prepared for the special lady in your life with today’s gift guide. Also, if you are a mom and don’t know what you want as a gift, this guide is a great place to start.

2023 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
Pajamas // Cardholder // Watch // Socks // Sandals // Pans // Necklace // Luggage // Lipstick // Eye Mask // Sneakers // Robe //
Beauty Blender // Tula Eye Balm // Curling Iron // Earrings

While I won’t touch on every single item since they are pretty self explanatory I will say that I own the eye mask in the collage and let me tell you, it’s seriously the best! If you are like me and have a hard time sleeping if it’s not completely dark, this is for you. I love it because it has indents for your eyes unlike most other eye masks. It’s like memory foam so it’s very comfortable on your face and no need to worry about dents from the mask.

The other item that I will touch on is luggage. Y’all, Sheldon made fun of me so bad because my suitcase is BUSTED for better use of the term lol. In my defense I’ve had it since 2015 when I won the T.J. Maxx Maxxinista of the Month contest. I definitely got my monies worth but it’s time lol. Luggage is a great gift especially if someone travels a lot. Don’t skimp out on cheap luggage either. We’ve all seen how airport employees handle luggage.

Other Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

As a mom myself I feel that I can trust speak on this. Getting material gifts is great but other things mom’s want and/or you should consider gifting:

  • Spa day/massage/facial
  • Alone time – we love y’all but alone time is the gift that keeps on giving
  • Girlfriends getaway – whether it’s for the day or for the weekend

Thanks for reading!