29th Birthday Recap: Ocean City Maryland & Rehoboth

29th Birthday Recap

Time for a little 29th Birthday Recap!  If you follow along, you know I tend to go to Ocean City Maryland for my birthday each year.  It’s always been one of my favorite places.  I’m going to do a run down of where we ate, what we did and where we stayed.  Hope you enjoy!

29th Birthday Recap

Where we stayed

We stayed at the Atlantic Oceanfront Inn while we were in Ocean City.  When we went to Rehoboth, we stayed at the Hampton Inn Milford.  The Atlantic Oceanfront Inn was perfect for those that want direct access to the beach.  As the name states, it is an ocean front hotel.  The Hampton Inn is a beautiful and new hotel but it is kind of in the middle of no where.  We had to drive 30 minutes to get to the beach.

29th Birthday Recap29th Birthday Recap

Where we ate

The first night of arrival we ate at Tap House Bar & Grill.  I won’t be too negative but there was nothing special about it except the gorgeous view of the water (see above).  The next day for breakfast we ate at the Big Easy Cafe.  For dinner we ate at the Bonfire Restaurant and I tried oysters for the first time!  I’ll admit, they are quite delicious.  On our last day heading to Rehobath, we were basic and had McDonald’s for breakfast and then Grotto Pizza for dinner.

29th Birthday Recap 29th Birthday Recap 29th Birthday Recap 29th Birthday Recap29th Birthday Recap29th Birthday Recap29th Birthday Recap

What we did

Seacrets is always a good idea.  I always make a joke and say “If you go to Ocean City Maryland but not to Seacrets, you really didn’t go.”  It’s just one of those things that you need to do when in town.  The interesting thing about it is that Seacrets also just turned 29 on June 29th!  The day after my birthday but how crazy that I’m the same age as the place.  There is also Seacrets nightclub which was such a good time!  There was this awesome band playing called “Lost in Paris“.  The night ended with confetti, a happy birthday shout out and dropping of hundreds of balloons from the rafters.

29th Birthday Recap 29th Birthday Recap 29th Birthday Recap 29th Birthday Recap 29th Birthday Recap


You can’t have a birthday trip without a little retail therapy.  We went to the Tanger Outlets in Rehoboth and I fell in love with the Kate Spade store.  Clearly there is a reason I’ve never been.  I seriously could buy the whole store lol.

29th Birthday Recap 29th Birthday Recap


The reason for vacation is to be at the beach (at least for me anyway).  I definitely made more of a conscious effort to spend time at the beach.  That was the one thing I wish I did more when in the Dominican Republic.  A little fun fact, a seagull pooped on me at the Rehoboth beach…I guess it’s good luck right?

29th Birthday Recap 29th Birthday Recap 29th Birthday Recap 29th Birthday Recap

I hoe you enjoyed following along my trip.  If you have any questions about Ocean City Maryland or Rehoboth, let me know.  Also, what are everyone’s plans for the 4th tomorrow?  My family is coming over and we will be at the pool and hopefully grilling.

Thanks for reading!