3 Boot Trends You Need To Know

3 Boot Trends

Let’s talk about trends baby, the 3 boot trends you need to know that is.  This season of style has to be one of my favorites as of late.  There are so many invest-worthy trends to try, which I will discuss in another post.  Today is dedicated to booties and boots.  Let’s round them up!


Bold Red Blazer

Yes, Yes, Yes!  I am obsessed with the sock bootie and have been since last year.  In case you are wondering what a sock bootie is, it is just as the name states.  Most booties stop at the ankle bone but sock booties tend to go a bit higher up.  Some may even hit below the calf area.  There is just something about them that makes them elevate your look.  It also doesn’t hurt that they literally go with everything.  You can wear a mini skirt, maxi skirt, boot cut jeans, skinny jeans, a dress…the list goes on.


Pointed Toe

Snakeskin OTK Boots3 Boot Trends

Pointed toe anything immediately transforms a shoe, especially in boots.  Unless it’s the patent leather thigh high boots in “Pretty Woman” with a broken zipper and paper clip holding them up.  In my “younger” and more “fashionably naïve” days I started to hate pointed toe shoes.  They always made me feel like my feet looked miles long (not in a good way).  Everything needed to be a round toe for me.  Now that I’m a little wiser, I want to give off a more polished look.  Pointed toe boots are definitely the way to go and they are a great investment because they never truly go out of style.  If they do, they’ll be come back again.


Kitten Heel

3 Boot Trends

Now I can kind of get down with the kitten heel pump but for myself I draw the line at the kitten heel ankle bootie.  The first thing I think of is Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus.  They just give a bewitching look to your feet.  Of course you will always see those few girls that rock it but not me.  I can always appreciate a trend but this is not one that I am willing to invest in.


Some honorable mentions to add to this list are also white, combat, sparkly and red boots.  Which of the list of boots is your favorite trend at the moment?

Thanks for reading!