3 Ways To Style A Scarf

3 Ways To Style A Scarf

My love for scarves runs deep. Today I’m sharing 3 ways to style a scarf. Even before they were considered “popular” or “on trend” I love the way enhance a look. This is especially true of the Victoria Ragna collection! Now there are plenty more ways to style a scarf but I’m sharing how I’ve been wearing mine lately.

Tied As A Headband

3 Ways To Style A Scarf

This is the easiest way to wear a scarf if you want to wear it in your hair. Whether you wear it up or down, this is always a good look. My head is narrow and the scarves tend to slide off my head. I usually opt for this next way of wearing a scarf in my hair.

Tied As A Hair Wrap

This style of wearing a scarf is more seen in “naturalistas”. Lots of women who wear their hair natural, mainly African American, style or have styled a scarf like this. This is my favorite way to style a scarf especially for when my hair is dirty #noshame.

Tied As A Neckerchief

3 Ways To Style A Scarf

This is a harder way to style a scarf and probably not everyone’s cup of tea. I like to style my scarf like this if I feel like my outfit is lacking something. For instance, I might be wearing a killer pair of shoes with an outfit but I need something to tie it together. No pun intended but I’ll throw on a scarf.

3 Ways To Style A Scarf

Both of my scarves in this post are from Shein. The leopard print scarf is my most recent purchase and the one around my neck is older. I will link them both, the one on my neck may still be available. If you have any interest in seeing the steps to styling the scarves like this, let me know in the comments. I love doing tutorials!

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