4 Ways To Style Long Denim Skirts

4 Ways To Style Long Denim Skirts

4 Ways To Style Long Denim Skirts. I can’t actually believe I am styling long denim skirts but here we are. They say that fashion has a way of coming back and for the long denim skirt that is certainly true. I remember wearing these back in high school. I actually used to cut up my jeans and turn them into skirts when I didn’t feel like buying them. Anyway, this was a fun post and video to create. Diving back into a blast from the past and styling this skirt. Take a look at the 4 ways I styled it. There are so many other ways that I wish I did like pairing the skirt with knee boots and a crop top. Maybe I will save that for a part 2.

Comfy Weekend

This look is comfortable and can easily be worn on the weekends. I think I could’ve worn my cardigan open to show the black tank top that I have on underneath.

4 Ways To Style Long Denim Skirts
Cardigan // Skirt // Sneakers

Out For Drinks

Since the skirt is denim, it can be easily dressed up. Here I have it styled with a long sleeve bodysuit and some strappy heels.

Skirt // Bag, Bag // Shoes


When I think of an everyday look I immediately think of jeans and sneakers. You can also do the same thing with your long denim skirt.

4 Ways To Style Long Denim Skirts
Skirt // Bag // Sneakers

Office Friendly

If your office is denim friendly here is a classic way to wear the skirt. You can also opt to wear heels instead of the loafers.

Similar trench // Skirt // Shoes

So what are your thoughts on this trend? Do you love it or hate it? Will you give it a try? Don’t forget, you can always find my ways to style posts here.

Thanks for reading!

4 Ways To Style Long Denim Skirts