4 Ways To Style Striped Button Down

4 Ways To Style Striped Button Down

4 Ways To Style Striped Button Down. This shirt is one of the most versatile layering pieces you will own. I highly recommend one like this or really your favorite color combo of stripes. Currently I’m eyeing a yellow and white stripe one but tan and white stripe would be great too. I just shared a reel over on Instagram with all of these looks but my caption said it all. Besides being worn as a shirt, you can wear this top open as a jacket, you can tie it in the front, wear it as a bathing suit cover up or tie it around your neck like how Carlton from Fresh Prince does it.

With Denim Shorts

I just got these shorts from Abercrombie and love them. They are a great wash and a great length. They are also nice because they don’t hug on your leg too much. Gone are the days of tight, booty shorts for this chick. *Style tip: You don’t just have to wear denim shorts. A linen pair of shorts would look great with this top too. I think white linen shorts would give a nice coastal Grandmother vibe.

4 Ways To Style Striped Button Down

With Jeans

Pretty sure jeans go with any and everything. Which explains why people can own so many pairs. Here I have the shirt worn open as a layering piece with a pair of distressed jeans. You see in the last look that I have the shirt buttoned and tucked into a pair of jeans. You can also tie the shirt in the front for a playful look.

With A Skirt

I went for a fun athleisure look with this tennis skirt. For all of these looks you could easily swap out your shoes for a different pair to change up the look.

4 Ways To Style Striped Button Down

With White Jeans

So elephant in the room, these jeans aren’t actually white. The are more like off white. It doesn’t really matter because I’m sure you get the point. This look would also look great with a denim jacket.

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4 Ways To Style Striped Button Down

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