5 Baby Products We Still Use 11 Months Later

5 Baby Products We Still Use 11 Months Later

5 Baby Products We Still Use 11 Months Later. Hello everyone, long time no post! Things have been a little strange lately with me trying to navigate the type of content I want to share. Long story short, I will be sharing more motherhood and baby topics here on the blog and on social media. I will forever be fashion focused but my life has changed since becoming a mom and I’ve learned so much that I truly think can be helpful to others.

This post is an example. It was my first reels focused on baby content and it was a hit. I know that with having a new baby can come lots of unnecessary stuff. Everyone has an opinion on what items you “must have”. If I can tell you one thing, these 5 products in this post I’ve used for Cora from the time she was born til now (11 months later).

Hatch Sound Machine

You’ve seen this item in my previous baby products posts. We use this every night for bed time. If we ever stay somewhere, I make sure to pack it in her bag. It plays several different sounds and also doubles as a nightlight.

Ubbi Diaper Pail

Important to have one for each floor. We’ve also dedicated one for poopy diapers only and one for pee. The “pee pail” is in Cora’s room since it will smell less. Speaking of, these diaper pails well at least their bags do a great job locking in smells.

Hatch Changing Pad Scale

Many people have asked me is this worth the money, the answer is yes. I love that it’s super easy to clean. All you do is wipe it down with a baby wipe. The scale is also pretty accurate. I’ve used it to weight Cora right before doctor’s appointments to check the scale’s accuracy. Just be sure that you zero it out using the app or click the reset button on the back of it every now and then.

Electric Nail Trimmer

This was one of the best baby buys. With Cora being a preemie, she was so small and the thought of clipping her nails really freaked me out. This nail trimmer has made doing her nails smooth sailing from day one until now. Of course as a new parent I was terrified to used it on her at first but there is truly no way in hurting them. You can even use it to trim your own nails if they get a little long.

FridaBaby Snot Sucker

We and by we I mean myself and Cora LOVE the snot sucker. Hahaha first off, I remember when I first had to use it and I thought the concept was disgusting. I thought you literally suck the snot out into your mouth but thankfully that does not happen. The Snot Sucker has a barrier and a styrofoam filter on it to prevent any of that. Sheldon made sure that I was the one to use the Snot Sucker on Cora and I don’t think he’s ever used it to this day lol. Most kids hate it and you basically have to pin them down but of course my child loves it!

5 Baby Products We Still Use 11 Months Later

Alright, that’s it for this post. Are there any must have items that you think I missed?

Thanks for reading!