5 Goals To Set For Yourself in 2018

Flashdance Shoulder

Flashdance Shoulder

This new year has me all amped up and today I want to share 5 goals that every person should set for themselves. As we enter this new year, I want to making my writing more intentional. Over the years of having this blog, I realize how much I actually love to write. Of course I love fashion even more but in the process of sharing outfit photos my writing has faltered. This year I am making it more of a point to not only share quality photos and outfits but quality writing as well even if I don’t post 5 days a week. It’s quality over quantity. Now, let’s get back to these goals that we should set for ourselves.

Learn to make things happen.

Isn’t it fascinating how two people can start something at the same time but one flourish while the other struggles more? I’ll use myself as an example. I started my blog in March 2014. “Susie” also started her blog in March 2014 but “Susie” has way bigger following than I do. Susie is getting all of these amazing deals and opportunities. It’s easy to sulk and say “Life’s not fair, whoa is me” or “people that I know aren’t supporting me.” Guess what? The only person stopping you from truly growing is you. The sooner you can grasp this, the sooner you can work on fixing things. You have to learn to make things happen. There comes a certain point to this blogging thing that you can’t just “let things happen”. The same with life, you have to take action and make things happen.

This can work in any aspect of life. So you want a promotion at work? What are you actually doing to make it happen? Go in early and stay late, take on some extra tasks, show why you are a candidate for the promotion. Not getting the business deals that you want? What are you actually doing to set them in motion? Want the man of your dreams to come along? Stop dating the same type of guys and looking in the same places. You get the point. I made a promise to myself that I am going to make all of my goals this year because I am going to make them happen.

Let go of one bad habit.

My top current bad habits: taking on too much, not sleeping enough and checking my phone first thing in the morning. I’m currently working on not checking my phone first thing in the morning. Baby steps my friends. I realise that my bad habits don’t seem so bad when you think about serious addictions that people have such as an overreliance on things like pornography, which can be helped by visiting a site like newlifehabits.com that offers advice on how to overcome a nasty habit. Seriously though, I think people get too in over their heads and try to give up everything at once. As soon as it doesn’t work, they go back to their old ways and say “maybe next year.” How about starting by just letting go of one bad habit whatever that may be for you. Surely you can do that. Then work on the other things. No need to rush.

Build your confidence and work on self love.

Using myself as an example again, I love to dance, always have. One thing that I never felt confident in is salsa because I didn’t really understand the basics. Now I am taking classes, dancing more in social settings and it’s truly helping build my confidence. Something so simple. Let’s talk about self love. We all say we love ourselves but are your actions mirroring your words? You’re stuck in a terrible relationship and can’t let go. Love yourself enough to let it go. Take yourself out on a date, get to know yourself. We all want someone to make us feel whole but that starts with us first. One last thing, learn to stand up for yourself. Don’t be rude, be assertive…there is a huge difference.

Do more to build a life you love.

Do this every.single.day. Life is beautiful and life is fun and you should love your life everyday. Everyday and everything won’t be sunshine and rainbows but do everything in your power to get yourself to the point that you love your life. If you don’t like your job, quit. Not happy in your current relationship? End it. If things aren’t making you happy, let them go too. Letting things go can lead to much greater things ahead (and no I don’t mean just being petty and cutting people off lol). If life is short like people say it is, then you should be in love with your live every single day.

Progress in your career.

I have worked with countless people that become stagnant in their job and want to just “chill until retirement.” There is a saying, “If something isn’t growing, it’s dying.” Not to sound morbid but do you want to go to work everyday and basically feel like you’re dying? Then you wait until it’s time to retire, you’re 65 and then expect to get some new lease on life!? We have to do better. If there honestly is no room for growth in your company, maybe you should look for another job with another company. I don’t know, I think it’s just human nature to want to better yourself.

I will end on one final note that you should consider for 2018. Find your passion. This can be anything. You don’t have to make a career out of it or make some crazy life decision but finding something you are passionate about is truly finding your bliss. Something that no matter when you do it or how you do it, it just makes you feel good.

Thanks for reading!