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We all know that it’s wedding season.  Whether you are in the weddings or are attending as a guest, we can’t fight the inevitable.  Today I’ve teamed up with Aisle Style to talk about some of their amazing dresses!  These dresses include wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, special occasion dresses (such as proms and cocktail parties) and more!  The best part is that the price point (especially for brides) is great!

Aisle Style

Bride dress: Bride dress

Aisle Style

Informal Wedding dress: Informal Wedding dress

Nowadays, the big trend, thank you Kim Kardashian and other celebs, but the big trend is to wear a traditional wedding dress and then change into an informal wedding dress for the reception.  Now, not everyone wants to do this and many may think this is an extra expense but as I say, “YOLO” or rather “YOMO” (you only marry once or at least plan to).  Anyway, in the above photos, the first two are some examples of the traditional wedding dresses on the site.  The bottom two pictures are the informal wedding dresses.

Aisle Style

Bridesmaid dress


Aisle Style

Flower Girl dress


Aisle Style

Mother of Bride dress

Aisle Stlye

Prom dress

Look at that prom dress; hot, hot, hot!  As I said, Aisle Style is a great site for all your wedding and special occasion needs including dresses and accessories.  You can take a look here (change your currency to USD) and I have the direct link at the bottom of the page.

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    August 2, 2015 / 12:24 am

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    Beautiful blog!