Amazon Home Decor

Amazon Home Decor

Sharing my wish list aka what’s going in my cart for my Amazon home décor. Howdy friends! So sorry that I am getting this post up a day late but I love getting your feedback on what you want to see. Most of you voted on Instagram that you would like to see a home décor post so here we go!

I recently announced that Sheldon and I are moving and I couldn’t be more excited! New place and more space means lots of home décor shopping. Now, not that we need a ton of things, thanks to my Lowe’s collaboration. We have all the big stuff covered, minus a dining room table and TV media console and my office needs some essentials but other than that we are good to go! I can’t wait to share this journey with y’all. Side note, I plan on doing an empty house tour of our old place and the new place plus share all of the updates with you.

Living/Dining Room

As I said above, we don’t need a ton of stuff. Just the final touches to complete the house. Starting with the living room, our main need is a TV media console which I didn’t share in the photo below because I don’t plan on getting it from Amazon. The same goes for a rug I’ve got my eye on, it’s from BAZAAR VELVET and their range is so luxurious that I just need it in my life! Judging by the items I have picked out, I love the combination of a rustic/farmhouse but sophisticated/classic look. I’m pretty sure those are oxymorons but they match my aesthetic perfectly. I plan on keeping the living room more classic and warm with tones of golds, browns, and whites while having the dining room be a little more rustic.

Amazon Home Decor

Floating Shelves – These tie almost perfectly in with the rustic console table. My plan is to have some sort of entryway and have these along with the rustic table.

Gold Bookcase – Not sure if this will go on the first floor or in my office. Probably in my office.

Larger Gold Bookcase – So good for placing photos, décor and miscellaneous home items on.

Rustic Console Table – In my mind I will use this table for an entryway.

Wine Rack – I already have a bar cart but I have my eye on this wine rack. The best thing about our

Jewelry Holder – Now this is less of a living room/dining room piece but I had to share it with you. I have a habit of leaving my earrings all over the house so this will help me (mainly Sheldon).

Sideboard – This will be in the dining room and I plan on keeping our “nice” dishware in there.

Mirror – I am obsessed with window pane mirrors! I plan on sitting this one on the sideboard to give more light to the room.

Gold Jewelry Case – Since I have so much jewelry I need ALL of the containers. This one is classic.

My office

Unlike the living room/dining room which are downstairs, my office upstairs needs a little more TLC. Since Sheldon and I will no longer be sharing offices, I am left with no desk. My friend heard about my plight and suggested that I take a look at the desks and office furniture on the Office Monster website and check out their other products so that I won’t be at a loss for office supplies in the future. I also plan on moving the current clothing rack that I have in the office into our bedroom which leaves my office rack-less. Here are some other things that I either need or already own but want to share.

Amazon Home Decor


Clothing Rack – TBD but I may end up ordering two of these bad boys. Depending on space.

Pineapple – I already have a pineapple like this one but had to share since it will probably go on my desk.

Clear Pen/Pencil Holder

Stapler, Tape Dispenser, Pen/Pencil Holder set – Sheldon has claimed my stapler as his own so just another excuse to buy one. I actually love that these come as a matching set…so fetch!

Marquee Lightbox – Not necessary but I plan on having some floating shelves and I am going to put sayings on this.

Desk – Necessary. I am actually torn right now between desks. I don’t need anything too fancy, just somewhere to work. It’s a proven fact that people are more productive when sitting at a desk and Lord knows I need all the help I can get!

Ghost Chair – I actually own 2 of these which I plan on putting in the office. One as my desk chair and the other for decoration or to sit in when I film.

Filing Cabinet – This will be used for storing paperwork and knickknacks. Fun fact, you can also find this at Ikea.

I’m sure at some point I will be adding more to this list but it’s a good amount to start with. Can’t wait to share this journey with y’all especially as we approach the holidays! Last thing, if any of you have any suggestions for dining room tables or your favorite furniture store let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


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