Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves Autumn Leaves Vida Fashionista Autumn Leaves Vida Fashionista Autumn Leaves Vida Fashionista Vida Fashionista

Vest: Forever 21 // Shirt: T.J. Maxx // Sebastian McCall jeans (similar) // Lucky Brand boots // Michael Kors purse // Hat: Ross (similar) // similar Michael Kors watch

Autumn leaves always bring back childhood memories for me.  I had a huge yard growing up and I can remember my dad raking up the leaves into piles and letting my brother and I jump in them (be careful for the rocks).  I always remember us having so much fun at this time of year. It was something that I would look forward too as soon as the leaves started falling from the trees. And then after the novelty wore off, we would get the leaf blower out and clear them away so we could see our garden again. My dad still clears the leaves away now and so I might get him a new one for Christmas. My friends have told me to look at this website, to find one that he is guaranteed to like. I must make sure I do my research first though. Oh how I’d love to recreate these memories again soon. Clearly there’s not much yard space in Philly but I happened to catch the trees around me at the perfect moment.  The leaves and trees made the perfect Fall silhouette.

So enough about nature (clearly I’m a nature chick).  How cute is this shirt with its elbow patches!?  I wanted a red plaid shirt and was actually going to pass up on this one until I saw the elbows.  The shirt is also super thick (great material) and I figured it was probably an expensive shirt.  Turns out it was only $14.99!!!  I was so happy!  I’m also sporting a new hat color.  I went into Ross to see if I could find a navy blue hat like this and saw this hat instead.  The $11.99 price tag definitely swayed my decision to get it as well.

It’s been really chilly here but apparently today it’s supposed to be 70 degrees and 75 tomorrow and Thursday!  Hope you are enjoying your Fall weather wherever you are!

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