Baby Girl Purchases (So Far)

Baby Girl Purchases (So Far)

First and foremost HAPPY NEW YEAR! How fitting to start off 2021 with baby girl purchases so far. This is her year and I’m super excited. As we get closer and closer to her due date, I’m realizing we still have so much to do and so much to get. I’m trying to remain calm and just go with the flow but we did get some things in for her that I want to share today. I know y’all love that.

Baby Girl Purchases
Diaper Bag // Nursing Bras // Bluetooth Swing // Storage Caddy // Yellow Bubble Set // Lounger // Baby Blanket // Bottles

Diaper Bag

In love with this diaper bag. It was actually my Christmas gift from Sheldon. I was so bad with telling people what I wanted this year I pretty much asked for baby stuff. This bag will be for her and I so it was a win/win. This bag has been on my list for so long and I do plan on getting it in black too so Sheldon doesn’t have to tote around a pink diaper bag (not that he minds). I love this one because it is actually a backpack. This is great because it allows me to be hands free. It also comes with a long strap, changing pad and cute pom pom puff. I do have another diaper bag coming which is a little more lux, stay tuned.

Nursing Bras

Definitely ordering these bras this week. Some people told me not to order nursing bras until I start nursing but at this point I need wireless bras. Plus they come in a pack of 5 for $30.

Bluetooth Swing

We’ve come such a long way with technology and I am forever fascinated by this swing. It has a bunch of different swing settings on it depending on what your baby likes and you can operate it with your phone. I also have this newborn insert that comes separately from the swing but is obviously perfect for newborns to fit in it.

Storage Caddy

I saw a blogger I follow that had this storage caddy and I thought it was so cute. Goes with the theme of her nursery (do I even have a theme? lol). Maybe I should say color scheme…. Whatever essentials I need to put in it will go in there. Probably stuff like diapers and wipes to have on hand, diapers creams, safety stuff, etc.


Ha! Y’all, her mama is a fashionista, you bet she will be one too. I just decided to share these cute bubbles that I got from Marshall’s. I love them because the are sets of two and come with a headband. I got so much for my money, not to mention they were only like $14.99 each.


How adorable is this little Boppy lounger? Again going with her nursery color scheme this little lady gets to live the good life with this lounger. I think these are also great when nursing too. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m new here lol.

Baby Blanket

Y’all, I have been a Minnie Mouse fan literally since 1988 (year I was born). Seeing as little miss will be my mini, I thought it fitting to incorporate some Minnie Mouse in when I can. Disney can get real expensive real quick so didn’t wanna go all out. I can across this Minnie Mouse Barefoot Dreams blanket and immediately bought it! She will be living a very luxurious life in this blanket. They are the softest you’ve ever felt not to mention the design. I’ll definitely be including this in my hospital bag.


Again, I’m new here but there were 2-3 bottle brands that stood out from the rest. These Como Tomo bottles and Dr. Browns (also on my registry). What I really like about these is that they come with different nipples as the baby gets older and two sizes, 5 oz and 8 oz. Hopefully she likes these.


I didn’t include these in the photo but I got these WubbaNub infant pacifiers. Honestly they are the cutest things on the planet lol. The little animals that are attached to that pacifier makes it easier to not have them go missing.

That’s it for today. If you are looking for more baby stuff you can find it here on my baby shop tab. There are a couple of other things that we also got for her too but I’ll make sure to do another blog post sharing more. I feel like we still need so much more stuff so hopefully I get the big stuff at my baby shower. Ahhh, baby girl will be here so soon and I can’t believe it. Don’t get me wrong, there is still time but I feel like this pregnancy has flown by!

Thanks for reading!