Baby Pool/Beach Essentials

Baby Pool Beach Essentials

Happy Friday and happy Labor Day Weekend! This year is truly flying by so today I’m going to share my baby pool beach essentials. Better late than never right. New moms you can thank me later and bookmark this post for your next trip. We are heading on vacation this weekend like many others so I figure I would get this post up for you. Plus lots of you wanted to see what I got Cora for the trip.

Baby Pool Beach Essentials

Bathing Suits

This is a given for the pool or beach. I love dressing Cora in bathing suits because they look extra cute on babies. She only had two so I picked up a couple more for our trip. Herr are the links to the bathing suits in the picture: leopard suit, pink suit, purple suit


Depending on how old your baby is, they might not be able to use sunblock yet (usually 6 months they can start). Until then you want to make sure your baby’s skin is protected as much as possible. A hat is a great way to block out some of that direct sunlight, especially on baby’s head.


Not only are they super cute but they will help block out those sun rays from baby’s eyes.

Pool Float

This will be the first time that I will have Cora in the pool or at a beach. I know how slippery she gets during bath time so it puts me at ease a bit to have her in a float. This one has great reviews plus it has a little sun canopy to give baby some shade.

Sun Screen

Depending on how old your baby is, sunscreen is super important. Most doctor recommend the baby to be at least 6 months before using so I’m excited that we can start putting a little on Cora. I have the Mustela sunblock, sunscreen spray and sunscreen stick. All of which are SPF 50. Definitely read the ingredients before buying for your baby. This line is great because it’s mainly organic, safe on sensitive skin, dermatologist certified, has no toxins and a bunch of other great things.

Portable Fan

This thing got me through pregnancy and beyond. I originally got it for my hot flashes while pregnant. Fast forward to having Cora and I use it all the time on our walks, in the car, if we are out, pretty much for everything. It’s going to be very hot where we are going and I want to make sure that she is comfortable. Whether it’s on a walk or by the pool, this fan always does the trick. It has 3 speeds and a light that has 3 levels to it. Did I mention that it comes in blue and pink too?

Baby Carrier

I’m sharing this one because it’s the one that I own. Another great brand of carriers is Baby Bjorn. I’m choosing to bring my carrier for the trip instead of my wraps. Obviously I won’t be lugging our car seat to the pool or beach and I’d like to carry Cora hands free so carrier it is. If you want more info on the carrier see this post.

Beach Dome

Y’all I hit the jackpot with this thing! There were so many different ones to choose from. This one was actually on my list to get but I went with this one instead. The first one I felt was too small. It’s only intended for infants which means that Cora wouldn’t be able to fit in it for our next beach trip aka next year. For $20 more I decided on this one (my dad agreed). It’s large enough that I can fit in it with her lol. She will have a nice spacious and comfortable place to hang in while we are at the pool or beach. No need to worry about the sun since it provides lots of shade. Also no need to worry about sand or mosquitoes since it has mesh sides.

I hope you all have a safe and fantastic weekend. Like I said, the family is packing up and taking off. Most importantly, does anyone want to guess where we are going?

Thanks for reading!