Backyard Patio Update

Backyard Patio Update

As we go into the weekend and the weather is supposed to be nice, I wanted to share my backyard patio update. It’ s not much but it means a lot to me. This is the one space of our house that I can truly call my own, my little oasis. Obviously I share it with Cora and she love being outside. I just love that I can step out here and feel my best.


Backyard Patio Update

WHAT AN EYE SORE!!! Haha looking back at this photo I’m just like “really!?” It’s so wild to me what a little TLC and furniture can do. There is this church/park bench that was left at the house. Sheldon secretly loves it so it’s not going anywhere any time soon. It’s actually a really nice bench but it’s not the vibe. The little cafe table set came from our old place. Sheldon thought it was ours so he brought it to this house and I was genuinely confused why it followed us lol. I just put it and the church bench in the yard for now for extra seating.


These egg chairs were at HIT with everyone. I got so many messages asking about them and even had a video go a little viral on TikTok of me putting them together. They were on my wishlist for the longest time and I’m so glad I finally pulled the trigger. FYI: I only ordered one and two showed up (only got charged for one too). Not complaining at all since I actually wanted two.

I’ll be adding these lights and probably have my bar cart out there too to serve some drinks. I do still go back and forth as to whether or not a patio couch would make the space look too crowded or not. I feel like I could just pull the egg chairs forward a bit and it might work but no guarantee. Maybe I’ll just keep it for now but I would love your thoughts since the weather is finally warming up. Add a couch or leave it as it is?


Backyard Patio Update
Egg Chair // Pillow // Rug // Plant
Found the perfect table/foot stool at Big Lots to add

Wow, I am so happy with the after! It’s a little different from what I envisioned but works so well with the space. Something else that I would love to do to freshen up the space is to paint that wall white where it is kind of baby blue. I would also paint the brick white. The brick probably is not happening but the other paint job might be in my future lol.

Backyard Patio Update

Really the yard space is going to be for the kids (so crazy I’m saying kids) and I love that for them. Like I said, Cora already loves being outside. She’s not a huge fan of grass but we are working on it. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and enjoy this slice of nice weather we are starting to get. Things may be finally looking up!

Thanks for reading!