Best Disney Minnie Mouse Ears: Where To Shop


Welcome back to Walt Disney Wednesdays! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know now that I am heading to Disney World. I’ve sort of been teasing on Instagram stories over the last month or so that I have this trip coming up. With all of the questions I get, one of the most frequent is about my ears. Today I’m sharing where to buy the best Disney Minnie Mouse ears. Y’all I am realizing that I am almost a month away from the trip and I have soooooo much content that I want to get covered for you.


Now for most people this post will be deemed “unnecessary”. I don’t know how many times my mom has said, “Now Davida, you don’t need any more ears.” *Meanwhile I just bought a pair and have these ones in my cart lol. There are 2 things wrong with that statement: 1. I’m obsessed with Disney and 2. I’m a blogger and I need content. So for all you Disney lovers here ya go!



I was 13 when I got my first pair of Minnie Mouse ears. Since I couldn’t find them and knew this trip was coming, Amazon was the first place I looked. These were my first pair from Amazon and these were my second. I love them both equally. The blue ones are so quirky! The great thing about Amazon is that you can find “Disney Parks” brand ears. Since I wanted the quality to be great for both pairs I made sure that they were both the Disney brand.

Red Dress Boutique/Aloha Designs

May Red Dress Boutique Try On Haul

OMG these are the most unique Minnie ears out there. They are 3D printed and interchangeable! On the headband where the ears go are “comb-like” attachments. The bow is also velcro and can be interchanged! The company that makes these ears is Aloha Designs. These ears are also sold at Red Dress Boutique. I found Aloha Designs on Instagram after seeing the Red Dress Boutique girls wearing them on a destination trip to Disney World.

Shop Disney

This is the online Disney store. It’s basically equivalent to shopping at a Disney park but from your home. I currently have my heart set on these and these. Oh and a non traditional pair which I am dying over are these cute Slinky Dog ones!!!

Disney Store

Best Disney Minnie Mouse Ears

If you’ve been to a mall I’m sure you have seen a Disney Store in it. The Disney Store has these “Once upon a year” sales which is how I scored these at a discount. Probably depending on where you live will determine what ears are sold in the stores. Our Disney Store only had this pair.

Disney Parks

Duh! Now this one is a no brainer unless you don’t own a pair of ears yet. This is where the other options to buy ears come into play. I will say that the “Disney Parks” brand ears are the best quality but buying off brand will give you more options to choose from.


Though I have yet to purchase from Etsy, I have my eye on these!

I hope y’all are loving my Disney content as much as I am! If you have any ideas on content for me to share I’d love to hear it. Also, thank you to everyone who answers my questions on Instagram. So, which pair of my ears is your favorite so far?

Thanks for reading!