Craving Fall (Kind of)

Craving Fall

Craving Fall Craving Fall

The reason why I said I’m craving Fall kind of is because I’m not over Summer.  I’m never over Summer.  I have seen nothing but bloggers switching into Fall content and I just can’t.  Summer actually doesn’t end until September 21 or 22 I believe.  While I love sharing inspiration for Fall styles, don’t mind me while I keep it Summer over here on Vida Fashionista.

Craving Fall Craving Fall

However, I will admit that as much as I love Summer, Fall clothes are the best!  It’s my favorite time of year for fashion.  You can only rock a romper or sundress so many ways.  With Fall comes layering clothes, booties and light sweaters.  The other great thing about Fall is that you don’t have to put away your Summer clothes right away.  Re-work those rompers and dresses with a pair of killer knee boots or booties.  Add a hat to everything , throw on a vest and belt it, the possibilities are endless.

Craving Fall Craving Fall Craving Fall Craving Fall

I’m definitely late to the party with the raw hem jean trend but I hate wearing things when everyone else is.  I must say this pair and my darker ones seen in this post I am completely in love with.  Not only do they fit amazing but they only cost $18!!!  Y’all know the struggle is real in the jeans buying department.  I said it once and I’ll say it again, I was completely SHOCKED at the fit, quality and price of these jeans!  The brand of the jeans are Denim Co.

Craving Fall Craving Fall Craving Fall


If you would like to see more Fall looks on the blog just let me know.  I will sweat it out just for y’all 😉

Thanks for reading!