Davida’s Derby Shower

Davidas Derby Shower

Davidas Derby Shower

Welcome to Davida’s Derby Shower!!!  OMG y’all my bridal shower was literally one of the best days of my life.  My bridesmaids, especially my maid and matron of honor knocked it out of the park.  Let’s dive in with the details.  First off y’all know I am obsessed with the Kentucky Derby.  It’s only fitting that be the theme for my shower!  The only thing I asked of everyone was to wear a hat.  It makes everything more fun when you have a dress code.  The decor was absolutely beautiful and perfect.  We even had a punch bowl full of mint juleps.  You know you can’t have a derby party without mint juleps.

Davidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby Shower

These 6 ladies are the ones the made it happen.

Davidas Derby Shower

The shower was held at the Thorndale Inn in Thorndale, PA which is about 15 minutes from West Chester, PA.  From the time I walked in until I left I just had the biggest smile on my face.  I still can’t get over that all of this was for me and everyone was there for me.  I truly felt like a princess.

Davidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby Shower

As y’all know, I am a fashion blogger and Instagram is a huge part of my everyday life.  How amazing is the little Instagram window with my hashtag #DavidasDerbyShower.  Speaking of being a fashion blogger, I have to dish about my outfit details.  My amazing dress is from BHLDN (it has pockets) and my shoes are Marc Fisher which I found at Ross.  My fascinator is from JJs House.

Davidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby Shower

I think the above picture is the only time that I sat down.  If my bridal shower was a prelude of things to come for the wedding, boy am I in trouble.  I love to talk and I love taking pictures and creating memories.  Even though I did take time to step back and just be like, “Wow”, I tried my best to mingle with everyone the entire time.  BTW, how amazing does my mom look in her outfit below!?

Davidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby Shower

The games

Oh my maid of honor had the best games!  The first one was just an ice breaker.  Earlier in the day she called me and asked me a couple of questions.  After she spoke with me, she called Sheldon to get his answers.  The object of the game is to figure out who said what, hence the name of the game “He Said, She Said.”

The other game was the infamous toilet paper dress game.  The twist on the rules was that each team was to design a dress that they thought I would wear.  It was so fun judging and choosing a winner.

Another fun thing that we did was give out prizes to people.  Sheldon’s mom won the “First to RSVP” prize, I ended up choosing my grandmom for “Best Hat.”  There were also the winners of the games as well.

Davidas Derby Shower

The Gifts

I cannot thank everyone enough for their generous gift giving.  The two pictures below were just some stand out gifts.  First off, I’m a huge “This Is Us” fan and if you watch it then you understand the sticker on the crockpot.  It says “Don’t forget to un-plug me…Jack”  Sad but so funny and a friendly reminder lol.  Another gift that I loved was from one of my bridesmaids.  It’s a personalized cutting board that says “Davida and Sheldon Lovelace EST. 6.24.18.”  I love it so much, she seriously always gives the best personalized gifts.  I think she’s an Etsy queen lol.  The cutting board is currently sitting in our kitchen as a keepsake.  One other gift I loved was not just the lingerie that came on it, but the hanger itself.  It says “Mrs. Lovelace.”  For the record if you did not know, that will be my new last name.  This was such a thoughtful gift because I really wanted a personalized hanger but forgot about it until I got this.  Let’s just say you will be seeing this hanger again ;-).

Davidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby Shower

The best part of the shower was when Sheldon showed up with flowers.  I was in the middle of opening up my gifts and he came in.

Davidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby ShowerDavidas Derby Shower

What an amazing day to be surrounded by so many loved ones.  My bridal shower is what made everything start to feel real.  After planning this wedding for a year and a half it finally feels real and I’m so excited!  Again, I want to thank my bridesmaids, maid of honor, matron of honor, everyone that came and a HUGE thanks and shout out to my mom’s best friend Bernadette.  The was the lady behind the lens!

Thanks for reading!