Down By The Bay

Vida Fashionista

Down By The Bay Vida Fashionista

MadRag denim shirt (similar) // Nordstrom t-shirt // Old Navy jeans // similar Charlotte Russe booties // Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 //  Swatch US watch // Armani Exchange sunnies (similar)

Down by the bay, nothing makes me happier than being by water.  Maybe it’s my inner Cancer (I’m talking about my zodiac sign y’all) but it really just calms me.  I’m actually thinking about doing some yoga or something in the morning on the dock (hello self motivation).  As the weather starts to break, I feel like I’m coming out of my shell.  I’m now able to walk/run on my two feet, I’ll be getting my pin removed from my foot soon and get back to dancing.  I actually wasn’t even going to post this outfit today but with the nice weather we’ve been having this week, I didn’t want to ruin it with a “winter” look.

Down By The Bay Vida Fashionista Vida Fashionista

Anyway, there’s so many wonderful things coming my way and I feel like taking the time to quiet the world and your mind are so important.  We get so caught up in life that we literally never stop to smell the roses.  The current of the water is ever changing and so are we.  If the wind blows, the current changes itself and goes with the flow (literally) without fussing or fighting yet as humans we struggle to do that ourselves (guilty).

Down By The Bay Vida Fashionista

Honestly I don’t even know where I was going with this post but I really just felt inspired to say all of that.  Maybe it’s for you or maybe it’s for me.

Vida Fashionista Down By The Bay Vida Fashionista Down By The Bay

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!