Downtown Lancaster

Downtown Lancaster

Downtown Lancaster Downtown Lancaster

similar romper // Target espadrilles // Target purse // sunglasses // Swatch US watch

These pictures were taken in Downtown Lancaster.  This was the day after the wedding that I attended.  Downtown Lancaster was so cool because it made you forget that you were actually in the country.  Funny story real quick.  When we were heading to the wedding, we were downtown in our Uber and all of a sudden two guys ride up the street barebacked on horses.  Now this might sound normal seeing there are lots of Amish people in that area, but they weren’t.  These guys had on jeans and Timberlands lol.

Vida Fashionista Downtown Lancaster

This is probably one of my favorite rompers that I own.  Another funny story…it was rough getting up the morning after the wedding and I put my romper on backwards and went to brunch lol.  I finally figured it out and no one even noticed.

Downtown Lancaster Vida Fashionista Downtown Lancaster

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